Friday, May 27, 2011

Being "Misunderstood"

Being Misunderstood:

I was inspired to write this in Response to something a friend said about people making assumptions about them and judging them based upon those assumptions, which were erroneous.. 

Being Misunderstood

That used to be my biggest pet peeves
then I finally realized how we each inhabit an entirely unique and different position in 
the Web of it All....
which is basically determined by when in the Evolution of 
your soul was born..

No two souls ever in exactly the same place.
Therefore we each have a totally unique perspective 
that is all our own.
And this is all part of the Plan.
So the fact of the matter is
Not one person in existence now 
or ever, 
will totally be able to understand us 
(operating from a different vantage point in the web)...

So my expectations to "be understood" were really a dance of futility.

Some in the Web are closer to us,

and can come closer to understanding our perspective...
But there are those who it will simply be impossible for.

After all, nobody really sees "you"...
They see reflections 
of their own thoughts,
and feelings
...superimposed on you.

Have a Wonderful Day


  1. Thank you for writing this!! Just what I need to hear.

  2. Yes!

    George Gurdjieff used to insist to his students that every human being speaks an entirely different language. They'd say "oh, that's a metaphor" and he'd say no, literally a different language.

  3. I used to have conversations with my ex-wife. I'd say, the sky is Blue, she'd say, How can you say that war is a good thing.... I'd say, I said the sky is Blue...She'd say," You are an evil person, killing children is horrible." I'd say, I agree, killing children is horrible, but what I said was, The sky is Blue.... She'd say, are a horrible person.
    Finally one day..... and this isn't a metaphor, I recorded a conversation, because even when I asked her to repeat back what I just said, it was so totally in a different dimension, it was scary. So I recorded it. We had a "conversation" and as usual I think she was speaking to some invisible entity in the room because her words had Zero in relation to mine... I played back the recording so she could see..... Boy did she get pissed...But hey, the sky is Blue.



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