Friday, May 27, 2011

Trees Trees I do Love Trees

Moonlit Tree of Destiny Guardian of the Portal

It seemed like a Dream
Waking to see
the Tree in the Moonlight
Open and Clear
to the Shining White Light
It wasn't a Dream
It was the Beginning of Life
And the end
and Beginning...
Guardian at the Portal
Bright.... And Reflective

If you can love the Reflection
You will be permitted to Pass...

Silent Wood Tree of Life

Led deep into the Forest of Love
Come to gaze into a Reflective Pool so Clear
At the base of the Tree
in this Silent Place
At Once
and at last
The Reflection
No longer brings Fear...
And the Heart Grows Wings
And the Soul Joyfully Sings


  1. So lovely.
    I love trees too!
    I visited some beautiful Yew trees the other day in a local churchyard. To me it is the trees that are a place to feel awe and worship, not in a building (although some churches are very beautiful!)x

  2. Hi Trish, I Love Yew.... he he



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