Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eternity Breathed
Eternity Breathed that First Gasp
And the Story Began
The Tree of Life
The Ascension of Man
and Fruiting
And dropping the Seed...
To begin Once again
The Soul needs to Feed

Feed the Soul
Feed the Joy

This wood blows me away....look at the Sheen. 

Thank you Medicine Woman Anita for the Gifting of the wood.
(Not to mention bringing in our Little Bracken in Peace and Gently.)

I carved this in Manzanita, buffed it down to the finest shine....
A Golden Bronze Shine...OH My.
The design Did itself........
I really Love this one....

Celtic Knot Tree of Life

I love this design of a Tree of Life in a Celtic Knot.
I inlaid it with Malachite in rare Oregon Myrtlewood.
It's strung on braided cotton cord.
A very powerful piece with lots of Tree and Earth energy..

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Sometimes in our Day to Day life..
with the hustle and bustle
Our Roots become disconnected from the Earth
We become Un Grounded
And lose connection
with the only way we can Truly
So an occasional
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Is a really Healthy Trip to Take.
You don't need some fancy Earth Digging device
You just Need a Strong Intention
And Focus.
Roots Deep
Strong within the Connection

Shield of the Tree Clan

There are many who belong to the Clan of the Tree
And most of them only remember this in their deepest Dreams
of Light and Unity
Which upon arising they Quickly forget
But when they see the Shield
something within them stirs
And for that moment
their Soul remembers
And suddenly they know they are part of something Much Bigger

Tree of Life Inlay

I inlaid Malachite in this Beautiful piece of rare Oregon Myrtlewood.
I connected the cotton cord in a cool way by cutting a notch into the necklace and tying it in the notch...
This is a nice grounding piece.

Bear Totem Carve down in Sassafras

Peace is the Way
I inlaid Malachite in this beautiful and colorful piece of Sassafras wood

Turtle Totem

Amazing Creatures..... 
I'd say all about the Power of Grounded Intention.....

 It sure feels good to be gettin things Created.


  1. Love it all!
    Not only are your creations art, but you create art with your words as well.
    Love you!

  2. Wow have you been busy lately!
    Such beautiful creations, they really are stunning.
    Much love.



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