Friday, June 3, 2011

Beside Calm Waters Tree of Life and Magical Smoking Pipe and Wooden Spoons

There is a place where your soul goes for renewal.
It's a place so far from the noise and hustle and bustle and tensions that are often part of our everyday life.
And there beside the Magical Still Waters your soul Takes Root..
and reaches up to the Sky.
There in that Magical Place of Peace
Stands a Tree
A Tree of Life...
And your soul can sing it's song of Joy...

Feed the Joy Spoon
I love carving Spoons.... It's like a meditation.... it's all about FLOW.... I called this the "Feed the Joy spoon" (that's our Motto...."Feed the Joy") ..... I carved it in some rock hard Ironwood that was reclaimed from a floor some rich folks were putting in. I carved the Celtic knot on top. I think everybody should have their own personal wooden spoon.
I put it through 11 stages of sanding and polishing...that shine is not a varnish, it's the super smooth wood... I love the color and it has a nice hefty weight to it.... If I ever get time I'm going to make myself one, he he...

Here's another spoon I just did, also Ironwood
I inlaid Turquoise in the Handle

 Here is a new one ..a big tasting spoon I carved in Birdseye Maple Burl

A new pipe in Mountain Mahogany

Inlay Tree of Life in Maple Burl


  1. Great pipe! How long does it take you to make them?

    I am heading up north for a week go into my yearly solitary confinement. No phone, no people. Just me and nature. I think i will do some new bowl carvings.

    By the way is your name Jeff Wilson?

  2. Ahhh solitary confinement...
    That pipe was very simple, just a few hours, but the wizard pipes take longer. Yep, Jeff Wilson.