Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Mike

OK, so this is a temporary post to communicate some stuff with a new Friend Michael.. Some special orders I did for him this week.

Hey Mike, so here are some choices, pick whichever ones speak to you....

The earrings above are in some really amazing pieces of Birdseye Maple Burl...I picked the choicest off the whole board I had to make these two.... Then I inlaid the sun and set two turquoise stones in the middle.  These are $65.00..
The ones below are also some really nice Birdseye Maple with a sun design, but no stones set in the middle.
these are $45.00

This Light Kanki is set in a really nice Natiural edge piece of Spalted Birdseye Maple burl
It's 42$

The one below is in Birdseye Maple burl, not as rare of a cut so it's $25

Below is an octopus in Spalted Myrtle Burl... It's an amazing piece of wood, inlaid with Turquoise
it's 45.00
Below is a choice of different turtles in Sassafras, You can pick whichever one, some would cost more than the one you bought that I messed up because we sold it at Market and I didn't know I loaded it on ETSY.... Take your pick...  
If you want an additional one it'll be either 20....or 25 $

HMMM, looks like we only got pics of three...but I'm bringing the other as well.
For folks other than Mike looking at this, these are bulk prices since Mike is buying more than one thing....

Thanks Mike, let me know which one's you are interested in, we'll bring em all along.
See you tomorrow.

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  1. Awesome work! Thanks Jeff. I like them all unfortunately I can't buy them all, yet. I will spread the word all around about your great work and the love you put into each piece. And, of course, I will be back. Peace and love to you and your family. - Mike



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