Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guardians of the Green Scrying Stone

At the Heart of the Forest of the Whole World is a Place

And in this Place there is a Deep Pool of Green

Gazing into the Pool one can find answers to their deepest Questions.

And it seems that when this pool was formed

Somewhere around the beginning of Time

It came with Two Guardians

If we are ever fortunate enough to come close enough to gaze into this pool

We'll probably see the Guardians as Two Trees

Raising their branches and casting shade upon the Lighted Pool.

I carved this in an amazing piece of bi-color Mountain Mahogany.
It's practically as hard as stone.
I love the color.... a deep brick red at the bottom fading into a very light brown at the top..
I set a beautiful piece of Jade that was given to me by Michael Caffrey (for those of you who might have known him).
I set it in such a way that you can hold it up to the Light, and see the Light shining through, you can see in the picture where I'm holding it up to the Sun, and one where Taryn is.
It also works really well with candles.

It has a very warm and healing vibe...

There are some interesting things you can do with this Talisman.

Here's a hint..... Hold it up to your eye, looking through it from the back...


Interesting things.....

I strung it on a couple kinds of picture Jasper and horn beads...on 21 strand steel covered with nylon.....It has a barrel clasp gold in color, not sure what the metal is...

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  1. absolutely beautiful

    - karla

  2. Hello Jeff,
    How wonderful to have "met" you and your beautiful family via the net! I really admire your art, and as I have had a go at making my own buttons for a jumper I knitted ( that were very basic), I truly appreciate the hours that must go into each of your pieces.
    I really like the two pendants you have in the etsy shop, the two new day ones. Can you let me know how large they are please? I find them quite moving, but of course can't decide which is my favourite.
    Its my birthday tomorrow, so I'll have a good think about each one.
    I also really enjoy reading your words too. Its refreshing to visit!
    Anyway, best wishes from across the ocean, Helena.

  3. Thanks Helena and Happy Birthday... Sorry I didn't get back to you in time, but thank you for your order.....

  4. wow, this is so beautiful!

    it reminds me of the Little Fur series (a beautiful children's book series about an Elf Troll girl - I read the first novel to my daughter when she was a couple days old) - the last book is called 'A Riddle of Green' and is about the place at the heart of the world with the deepest green. such a beautiful story!

    thanks for sharing your work - it's awesome :)
    take care



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