Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Farmer and a Lesson About Judgment

Once upon a Time there was a Family of Farmers.
One day a blessed event occurred and they had another little boy child....
But as it turned out it wasn't really all that wonderful.
From the time the child was very small it seemed he didn't much like his family
and when he got older he made it very clear
that he hated their way of Life...
He hated Farming...
Farming was stupid,
and people who farmed were stupid....

Well the child "had problems"
He wasn't a happy child,
he ran away from home when he was a teen,
started hanging out with some rich kids who didn't really care about anything
but getting thrills...
and doing hard core drugs.
He became addicted to heroin....
He was wasting away and one day took an extra big dose......
He flashed into this place that was nothing but Light....
then suddenly he was in another scene
another time long long ago.
It was like a dream,
but he knew it really was a memory.

He was a Prince, in a Kingdom
he lived in a huge Castle and had servants

All day long all his Brothers and Sisters did was waste time..
They taunted and teased their servants for Pleasure.
He didn't see the fun in this,
in fact he fell in love with one of the Servant girls..
As it turned out her family lived on the edge of the Kingdom
They were Farmers and raised most of the food that fed his family..
He was fascinated with farming...
Putting a seed in the ground and caring for it until something Grew
and fed people..
Working in the fields and workin up a sweat.
He thought it was Heaven.

When sitting at the dinner table with his family,
he told them of his fascination with it.
They mocked him horribly.
He didn't care,
and he loved the Farmer girl and actually ran off and Married her and was having a pretty wonderful time...

Well his Mom the Queen..
who by the way was not very nice..
Was horrified....
but worse she was soo embarrassed.

How could her favorite son do this to them?
How did it look to their Court?
It was devastating to her.

So she went to the Kings executioner and paid him to secretly murder the farmer woman his son had married....

and one day when the son had come to deliver vegetables to his family,
the executioner stole away and killed the son's wife..

When the son got back to their Farm and saw his wife
his heart broke.....

He went to tell his family as he wanted to bury her in the family plot.

The Mom told him that no Farmer would ever be lain to rest in the family plot
Farmers were dirty, loathsome worthless beings...
and it was most likely the sons fault that she was murdered....
She told the son he was forgiven and could move back to the Castle.

The son was at a loss for what to do,
without his wife he lost his direction..
And he moved back to the Castle.

The Queen and his Brothers and sisters never stopped saying nasty stuff about Farmers..
they wanted to make him Pay for what he did to the Family...
The Son felt so much guilt and shame.....
it ate at his soul.
But he learned to keep distracted,
he started partying with his Brothers and sisters...
even started taunting and Teasing the servants...
He felt guilt for it...
He hated himself for "being the cause of his wife's death"
he hated himself for teasing and taunting the Servants..
But he just kept ignoring it, and seeking out pleasures to avoid the festering pain within him...
Well one of those "Pleasures: ended up giving him Syphilis...
and he died a Horrible Death....

Back to today, and the Farmers son awoke from this "Drug Induced Dream."
It turned out he hadn't shot up enough to kill himself...

He walked out to the Interstate
stuck out his thumb
and hitchhiked back to the Family Farm

And lived Happily ever after....


The roots of our Demons....of our fears can run very deep...

Lifetimes deep...

And we only rid ourselves of them
by facing them
But we don't because in facing them we will have to Feel the Pain
that made them our demons in the first place...

Our Demons,
our pain
is ALWAYS built upon dualistic Judgments

The really funny thing is that once we learn to face them we often see,
That which we had judged in the very beginning as Bad, or Evil..
That which we tucked away in guilt and shame..

Today is something we seek.

Now that's embarrassing ....

We are defined....and manipulated by things we often long ago buried, and tried to forget
All the energy we put towards keeping those thing buried...
only served to feed them,
and make them grow bigger and stronger.....

And even though we held them at bay,
kept them out of our minds

They are what pull our strings
And like puppets we dance a dance
controlled by yesterdays Judgments
Made in Ignorance
(all judgment is ignorance)

If we want to become Masters of our Life.
First we must stop Judging

Then we must face our past judgments

the ones that have become our demons

and the Puppeteer.


  1. Powerful,powerful stuff.
    It made me cry!
    Much love.

  2. just a comment, i have read that a ''past life'' memory might be you tuned into a ''level''of ''past events'' ,not that the ''you'' actually had a ''past life''. like you could have tuned into a ''medeival europe '' events. like some kind of freqency. i cannot find the article but i will try. it was some sorcerer person.

  3. Yeah, that's true.. Both are true. We have "race memories" and we have Group memories....and personal memories. Considering the Nature of Reality...and Time.... It's really all just language to put it into some nice little line in our heads. How can there be Reincarnation when in Reality there is no Time....
    But there is Reincarnation...
    It's all a great fun puzzle,
    but we really don't need to figure it out.



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