Monday, September 19, 2011

Flight of the Phoenix, and Walk your Path


Flight of the Phoenix

The distance between the Crash and Burn
And the Phoenix Rising
is but a bat of the eye.

Fly On

It's difficult to describe the energy of this one,
as it's not really an energy from this dimension...
But here's some keywords:
Expansive, Calm, Light, love, quiet, joyful,innocence, connected....

This amazingly beautiful wood is a spalted Cascara Sagrada
I set it with some beautiful Turquoise

We have so many magnets now, and we're making more.  Any suggestions for positive magical words and phrases, I'll appreciate.....   Lets add to the Uplifting of the world, shall we.

Walk Your Path.

We are all here with an individual purpose
that adds to the Beauty of the Whole.
But if we are doing what we think we "Should" do
or what other folks think we aught to do...
And not doing what our heart and soul
tells us to do
we are not being OURSELVES
When we walk our own path
we are who we are meant to be..
and when we are authentic within ourselves
from Walking our Path....
FLOW happens
And the world becomes Magical

This is Taryn's writing on the wood, she writes it.... I carve it.
This is Juniper wood from Eastern Oregon..
It's my favorite smell, in fact we're going to make incense from the sawdust...
and I'm making a meditation hut with 4 6 by 6 by 8ft columns of it.
It has a very magical smell.

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