Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Key to Eternal Life and Grandmother Spider

Well maybe not, but close.   Here's 3 gallons of Kraut I made and 2 gallons of Kraut Juice.  We never eat a meal with meat without some fermented veggies.  It's just the way it's sposed to be..

I have a Teacher that's been with me since I was 8 years old (at least that was my first encounter with her). I always called her my "Highest Teacher" because she seemed to be ...... my .... well it's hard to put into words.  Anyway years ago my stepson was living with a Swami dude who was for real.  One time he channelled my Teacher and told my step son that she was called,"Grandmother Spider".
  She has always seemed to be concerned the most with my Spiritual Growth...whereas other guides help in other areas. 
Anyway the other night I was working at my bench late at night, it was a very Magically Creative night where I found myself talking and singing.....  but not in English...  not sure what it was, but it flowed out like a fountain of Joy.  I kept having to look up from my piece to let the Juice flow up through me. It was really amazing.   I was feeling Grandmother Spider and I looked up, and leaning against the window was a carving I started for a Journal quite some time ago......  There was a Spider hovering there right in front of ..... well, you'll see.

Pretty Trippy Huh..

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