Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 Day Sale (actually 5 day) 20% off Everything in the store

Well we aren't going to Market again this weekend. If not for trades I'm afraid business hasn't been worth it this year....better off to stay home and create... and do a Killer sale over the three day weekend. And actually Taryn talked me into making it a 4 day sale to include Friday as well....and since the code is active as of now, it's actually going to be a 5 day sale.  We have a bunch of new products and pieces and will be loading them all weekend long.  Drop by and check it out...And you can use the coupon code 4DAYSALE and get 20% off your order.
Better jump on it now before someone else get's your dream piece at an amazing bargain. (My prices are so darn low to begin with....have I gone totally insane?)  Well maybe it's the beginning of a whole new month of Bills.
Here's a link to the store.
Click here and begin the Adventure



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