Thursday, September 1, 2011

Been Busy Creating... Some new Products

The Key to the Door at the top of the Stairs  ) see here in our Shoppe)

A long time ago I was meditating.
I suppose you would call it Kriya, or Kundalini yoga.
I was the Pulse...the Flow, and the Swirl.
It was like riding on the music of my soul.
Then I noticed this pulsing flow of the Sushuma or whatever that Central Core is called,
and was feeling the dancing of ida and pingala ..
It was like I suddenly noticed that this dancing, and the swirling, and the rushing.... was singing a song..
And I inhaled and my head asked,
What is this song..?
And I heard these sounds.... Dair Dapey Mashtra
And I exhaled and said, What?
then I heard these sounds Ahbu Nhabe Shin Shom
And one was the voice of the inhale
and the other of the exhale...
and within it all was carried the sound of the Core.
Then I inhaled and asked,
And i heard,
The Key to the Door at the Top of the Stairs.

And for the Key to work
Both phrases must be uttered within.....and without....simultaneously.

Well the reason I mention this is that this Pendant reminds me of the
Door at the Top of the Stairs
The Crown Chakra
A thousand petaled lotus
Opening the connection to
It All.
It's an incredible shimmery piece of Birdseye Maple burl.
I set some Turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mine.
And some Lapis Lazuli.

Interconnected (see here in our Shoppe)

All the resources of the Whole
Just an Intention away

The Heartbeat of the All
We can only hear in Complete Silence



Here's a new item, Light Switch Plates
Carved down in Myrtlewood, then painted

Some nice Spalted Myrtlewood, carved down and painted

More Myrtlewood

This one is carved in Hawthorne wood, really nice shimmers

Another new item is picture frames from hollowed out logs, this matching set is in Spalted Cascara Sagrada ....very beautiful stuff

I did half a dozen smaller trees this week..... some amazing woods
Carved in Yew wood from our front yard...very hard wood

Some Spalted Myrtle Burl

Amazing Bi Color Lignan Vitae

Some rare white lignan vitae, looks like fossil ivory

Osage Orange....many colors
Incredible Ironwood Burl 

And then we are now adding Magnets that I carve inspirational affirmations in...and folks can order their own words carved in magnets as well.

OH, I'm also doing rings now....

Market hasn't been going as well this year, we're better off staying home and working.... But the Trades we make at Market for make it worth going every few weeks.  In fact we aren't going to sell this weekend, but are going in to do some trades and do our Monthly Eugene day on Saturday.  
So since we're not going to Market this weekend stay tuned for a sale this weekend. 


  1. Oh, you are wonderful aren't you! I love the beautiful, lovely things you create. And such great wisdom. Thank you.



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