Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Choice .... Simply BE AT Peace

By the Pond in our Front Yard, my wee friends

The Choice..... Simply Be At Peace

Lifetime after Lifetime,
Fighting for Justice
Picture by Maja Larsen

Unable not to
when confronted by ...

Doing it's evil deeds.

Forever Exposing it

Then cutting it off..


A Prisoner of the Passion

For Unity..

And they tease me and taunt me..
In roles of Power they kill my fellow men..

And say I can do nothing but stand by and watch

Because they Have all the Power...

And the masses have been lied to for so long
they don't have much of a clue as to what is really going on...

But that was my Yesterday
And the day before that....


I simply want to Be.

You don't have to wait to die

To go to Heaven

Pretty much you just have to ACCEPT it

Here and Now.

The "Here and Now" that is Eternity.

You just gotta drop the Shackles

And Accept.

When I see the most recent manipulations

trickling out through the media

Setting up the Masses on a nice line
to their destruction..

I wanna jab,
I wanna .....


Come on People

Open your eyes...

And don't Buy the Lie...
He didn't do it !!!

Because I gotta quit feeling responsible 

for fixing it..

I can't fix it..

My Job now is to

Live in Peace


What "they" do..
isn't my concern...

So I'm thinking that maybe if I write out a List

Of all the Lies I can think of that the Masses are now,
and have been fed..

Just get it out of my system..

Out "There"...  
where I can be done with it...

Then I can get on with my Job of

Being AT Peace

We only "Win"
When we give up the Battle..

We can not "win in a,

"Fight for Peace"

We can

Simply Be At Peace






  1. I love your posts.
    Peace my friend to one and all.

  2. Well said Jeff.............another reason I love you so much!

    Aunt Isla

  3. yep, you dont have to do anyhing but what you feel you need to do when it arises. no 10 year plan.not a machine. like karl renz says, whatever we are cannot be known or not known. it doesent need a knower or not knower. it already is. anything we can percieve or imagine is not it. it is before any creation. you dont need to apply for membership through a church or nationality or ''country''. even the person who says life is illusion, is an illusion itself including me(!?)

  4. I LOVE this post. Thank you for writing it.



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