Monday, July 18, 2011

Pure and Simple Love.... The Answer

I was thinking about how so much of peoples Ideas and concepts that I "disagree" with.....
are ones that not too long ago were the basis of my beliefs.
  And how what I believe today,
was not even a matter of consideration just Yesterday.

There is no right or wrong about folks ideas and concepts.

Each is just another perspective in understanding the whole.

The "Truth" of Creation is built upon a Pattern..

Each concept is another puzzle piece in that pattern.

Recent Creation

Some have put more of the puzzle together than others

It isn't because they are inherently wiser.

They have just been "In Creation" Longer...

or have learned the simple lesson of not clinging to their ideas and concepts.

In fact knowing the "Truth" is less a matter of putting the puzzle pieces together,

than it is...

dismantling the puzzle.

We learn more about the "Truth" by Letting Go..

Than we do by Collecting more ideas and concepts.

We don't get closer to the Truth by Collecting more ideas and Concepts.

We get closer to the Truth by Letting go of our firm Grip on our Ideas about the Truth.

The Truth exists once we remove our ideas about the Truth.

This is a special time in all of this round of Creation..

You could accuratly say this is a time of Hyper Evolution..

The Key to being comfortable in this Time we are in..

Is in Learning to Let Go.

Any attempt to Maintain the solidity of our Description

will only cause us difficulty.

It's a really good time to exchange our obsession

with Intellect and emotion....

For Pure and Simple Love.


  1. Yes...but nearly everyone has a different imagination and definition of "love" and this often causes difficulties.
    What is pure "love"?

    Asking and friendly greetings from

  2. Hi Heike and Greeting to you across the big Water,
    Pure love has no definition. Yes, folks do have different ideas about love..... and that is what they are....ideas..... from the brain, as tempered by the emotions. That is in the head (brain) and belly (emotions).
    Love is in the Heart.... beyond definition...
    It is the ideas of love based in the emotions and head that cause the difficulties. Never is it Love that causes difficulties.
    Once we become less hypnotized by our brains and emotions.... we become more capable of love.
    There is a common mis-belief that Love is an emotion.....
    It's not. Infatuation is an emotion, desire is an emotion, and both of these live in our heads and belly's, not in our hearts.

  3. Thank you, Jeff, for your answer. That is it, but it is hard work for us to filter out head and emotions honestly!

    Best wishes to you

  4. have you heard karl renz? just discovered this guy. his videos are easy to search. just listen very carefully to what he says. perfect for this topic. it actually affects you if you get what he says. his ''thing'' is destroying ALL ''concepts''. the un nameable that is BEFOR any creation you can percieve or imagine. he uses the example of the state of ''deep deep sleep''. that is as close as he can allude to before creation. it cannot be named. he says if you think you were born, you have already lost it! the ''never born never dying'' un named ''life''.

  5. Just what I needed to hear. You are a beautiful writer.
    Love your posts, they are always a gift.



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