Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mystic Green Centering Amulet

This is one of those creations where I had no idea what I was going to do, just started doing it. 
The Intention behind it was to make a Centering and Healing Amulet. 
So I just let it unfold..
and this is How it turned out.. 

I thought I'd share part of the process of the Creation of this piece.
The Ivory is old ivory I got a long time ago, it came from a Game Refuge in Kenya.

First I draw out a basic design on the ivory.

Then carve down and polish it.

Then I did some carving in the background and filled it in with Black India Ink, kinda like a deep Scrimshaw .
Then I had some nice recycled Cocobolo Wood....  Amazing Grain and shine to it.
I set the Peridot in a silver setting then set that in the center of the Ivory.
Then set that in the cocobolo.

I strung it on Picture Jasper, Peridot, and coco.

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