Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is a reply and a ...hmmm, Flow that began on a "Spiritual Forum"  where some dude found his Guru, and lots of folks were makin comments this way and that... some bein kinda rude to the poor guy who brought it up...
Anyway this is my reply.

Well the fact of the matter is we all have Teachers,
Once we get to a certain point in evolution.
But the only time we are aware of them for the first bunch of lifetimes with them,
is when we're dead..

Then eventually we all make contact.

We are not one separate thing you guys..

We are not on an individual journey anymore

.........  once we've changed Direction.

Which I would assume most folks on a spiritual forum have.

So we all begin connecting to the Allied souls who you could say,
are nearest to us in the Web. 
This becomes
(and has always been)
 Our Group...

And the Teacher....
The Guru....

Is there even if you don't know it.

It's what you split off from
on your first day in Creation...
It's Your nearest connection in the Web.
Just one step ahead....
or you could say,  Deeper Within

The whole thing now is expanding within Itself

The "Pressure of the Light"
is greater than it's ever been.
In the whole of this round
of Creation
And it's increasing exponentially every day..

The Whole is Merging
as all the interconnected pieces
meld into the One Thing.

One has attained much when they find the Teacher to complete the Circuit.

But they don't necessarilly have to be in a Body

I miss some of my Teachers

I felt abandoned by my Teachers

when I had my Humpty Dumpty Episode

And maybe I was angry at them.....

.........or me ..................for me not listening to them

about a crucial matter..

And all the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men...

I've been mad at them...

but really I guess I'm mad at myself

for making that DUMB ASS DECISION.

Sure honey,
 no Problem..

OOPS, major problem..
Happy Now Honey,
I'm all devolved?
Only the pieces are all a Jumble

OH, movin out.....

he he he

WHAT, You may have given me a disease !!

Pay for your abortion...


Well I knew it couldn't have been from me...

Yeah, Later...

So here is your choice..
Sitting in Bliss and Oneness, connected to all things
and being the Connection
devolve for the Babe..

OK, did I learn anything from That....????


I miss the Teacher I had in Tibet..

My heart is heavy from my unresolved...... anger....

at myself for my Lack of Peace,
when we were all being killed.
And I admit it,
mad at my Teacher...

I understand how we had to spread out over the globe.

And I understand how this is the ultimite test of what we have been taught.

But what does my murder ,

         do to the Karma of my Murderer?

Am I not responsible for a future Hell

for this man standing here killing me.

Teacher, it was your decision that we all die

I am sorry that rather than going into the Light
I was angry with you..

And I am so sorry for the Humpty Dumpty Episode

I am sorry for Blockin you

holding you off

for so long....

I am open now..

Come in whatever form you choose..

I'm open

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  1. How about the form of a moth on your front door? hehe



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