Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking it to the Next Level, You are as Big as your Breath

For quite some time now I've been getting the message that there is something I'm supposed to write.
I know it's about the Breath.......  But being the stubborn Aries I am I don't want to be told what I need to do.  Besides my time is pretty full.  Doing what we do for a living, and living as simply as we choose....
  We're busy.  And when there is a brief break in the work, I want to spend it with Taryn and Bracken.....
But alas even  Taryn is tellin me I need to go let it come through..... so here I am.... and here we go.

You are as big as your Breath... 

Making all these magnets these days with little sayings on them that are like...
expressions of simple joyful archetypes.....
is letting me clue into the Magic of Words.
But that's another post....

Here we're talking about   the power of the Breath.
But first we have to talk about what steals our Power.
And pretty close to the bottom line on that is 
Dualistic Judgments....

OK, we humans have been built into a dualistic system,
The duality is maintained by Judgments
Through the millenia we seek
what we judge is Good
and we repel
that which we judge is bad.

Desire and Fear feed this duality
Our desire for what is"good"
and our fear of what is "bad"
fuel the engine of this Created duality
and we're churning in the spokes.

Well here's the thing,
Every time, through so many lifetimes, 
that we have Desired or Feared
we have dislocated ourselves from our perfect position
in the Flow of the Web of Life.

And here we are,
totally built upon these eons of judgments....
The Push's and the Pulls that settle in our energetic bodies.....
We carry within us push's and pulls that have settled.
Parts of our bodies we give attention to
and others we avoid like the plague.
Every judgment you have ever made....
you carry in your body.
Until you Let it go.....

How do you do that?

You breathe into it.

OK, here's the thing about Push's and Pulls
The things we have judged as bad, that we don't like...
We push them away energetically...
First understand that every judgment you make,
settles at a position in your Physical, and etheric and astral bodies. 
Then depending upon your relationship with that judgment,
whether you desired it, 
or feared it...
 You will either withhold your breath from it,
or breath too much into it.
Either way you create a condition of dis-ease.
And we've pushed and pulled these areas of our bodies for so long, 
that we've become accustomed to how it is,
how it feels, even though it is not all that comfortable.
Diseases.....and even accidents have their roots in past judgments
because as I said, judgments pull you off your center...
And when you are off your center
accidents and disease happens.

So, how do we free ourselves from the difficult trappings of Duality?

You Breathe into EVERYTHING.

So maybe this just sounds like crazy talk, 
"Breath Into Everything,"
what the heck does that mean.
OK, here's the thing.
Each time you take a breath
you allocate it to certain areas in your aura
(ones built upon desire) you feed your breath to
And you withhold it from the ones that were built upon a push.....upon fear.
So you have energy moving too much into some places...
and not enough (or any at all) into others.

So here it is..... a nifty little practice to ....

jump off that duality
and take it to a whole new frequency.

Woah, 35 years ago this message was coming at me,
but I just couldn't get it. 


Watch that...

Breathe deeply......

watching where you hold back...

or where you draw towards.

And stop holding back

and stop grasping


Simply BE in the Whole Breath


What stops us from the next Big Step in Evolution
Is pushin and pullin.
And our breath defines our position in the midst of eternity
Between Us and eternity
are our judgments
and they simply need to be Breathed Into Equally
and we will be Free..

The Magic Words Here:

" Simply BE in the Whole Breath


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  1. I really love this post and needed to hear it. I feel like I will need to come back to it and read it again. Let it all sink in.
    Thanks for writing it.
    I love you.



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