Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday my Wonderful Wife

Happy Birthday Taryn
I feel so blessed to have you in my life.
You have the sweetest soul I've ever known.
Thank you for reminding me of my Dreams
and I'm so glad our dreams are the same.

We're living in our Dream,
Together with Bracken.....
Feels like Heaven


It's been difficult lately
Market has been.....  very disappointing
there's been so little traffic,
totally dead in our neck of the woods,
and those who come,
haven't been buying.
But really it's just a numbers game,
and we haven't had the numbers.
so there's the money worry...,
Then of course everything we have mechanical is breaking down all at once.....
And Bracken is going through some painful spurt and so is fussier than usual...

But the Market going down the tubes has inspired us to start a new approach to our business...
more eclectic.....    and that's really exciting.
And everything breaking down is sending us into a more non-electric mode...
which is also exciting and pretty much fits in with both of our dreams.

And Bracken is just the sweetest most sensitive and frighteningly intelligent little humans...
And he's facing a lot of stuff right now....
The limitations in this life...in his little body that won't do yet what he wants it to do,
drives him crazy.
He wants to suck the world in like a vacuum cleaner, but can't get around fast enough, he he.
So he gets frustrated....
His teeth coming in is painful, and he's got a lot of old stuff he's still working on...
You are the best Mom a person could be ....short of being some kind of All Powerful Superhero.
Bracken is sooo dang lucky to have you for a Mom..
He tells you when he has to go potty.....
and he has to go a lot,
and you almost always pick up the cue,
so he never has to sit in poo or pee.
And if you are busy , and trying really hard to get something done
and you miss a cue, you get all guilty feeling, like you are some bad Mom because Bracken peed in his pants and had to sit in it for a couple of minutes.
You are there for Brackens every need... basically instantly
as his needs arise.....
That is one lucky kid.
But there you are, 24/7 just waiting to fulfill Brackens needs.
You are the best Mom

And you are the best wife,
even as exhausted as you might get,
you always are still so connected to me...

And you know darling, that even when I am so exhausted from these amazingly long and full days...
And I get tired, and sometimes grumpy if maybe my tooth is hurting or something....
There is not a second, ever....that I don't feel connected to you.
Loving you..
It's a constant..

You constantly feel guilty that you don't "Give enough"
But you give your all...
and then somehow still squeeze out some more.

So quit feeling guilty.

And all that guilt you carry because you spoke some truth to that person who was so abusive to you for so long...  And now they are playing the whole "Poor me, terrible Taryn" role to shift attention from the Truth you shared.... back to poor them.... And you are feeling guilty for speaking a truth because you would rather let someone hurt you.... then hurt them, and of course this is what they are hoping for.....

So no Guilt..... 

your are a great Mom,

a Great wife.... 

and a great Person.

And I just truly adore you to the depths of my soul..


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