Friday, September 23, 2011

Another INSANE sale and Big Changes coming

Well we're skipping Market again this weekend.
Taryn has the Flu and last weekend we lost money at Market,
so we're staying home and I'm going to work....
so here we go again with a big sale.  
It'll be good till early Monday Morning
We have lots of new Heartful Reminder Magnets made out of beautiful woods
, carved down into, then with the words painted in.

We're making some changes to our business.
We're both passionate about a lot of things.
For me herbal healing has always been something that I've had a .... feel for.
Here on the property we grow lots of different herbs, in fact our lawn is mostly Self Heal and Plantain.  ( I sort of have been heading it in that direction for a while).
So we decided that with all our interests and blessings we should share a little more eclectically. 

So we're going to start offering healing salves.
Over the years I've discovered some herbs that practically work miracles.
I used to work in a Mill, and once I tore my scalp open pretty badly.
Man can the scalp bleed......
Well I've never much been one for doctors so I had my wife tie the hairs on either side of the tear together, then I used Comfrey goop on it.
Comfrey growing in the Garden

  It healed in a couple of days, same thing once I ripped the skin on my arm apart, should have had stitches but got it to stop bleeding with alum powder and used pounded comfrey (It makes a mucilage with fibers and dries into a bandage ). It also healed in a few days.    
So I decided to make a healing salve with comfrey and other ingredients we grow here, self heal, plantain, and St Johnswort, and calendula
Calendula growing out back we're selling seeds now.

and some colloidal silver.
I'm also going to make another salve for bruises and aches and pains..... and one that I'm really excited about that I've always wanted to buy, but never had the money when I had the hankering....and now I found the recipe for "Black Salve" which is for skin problems and also quite famous for skin cancer.....  So stay tuned for these.

We will probably also have herb tea blends and misc herbs and seeds.

In the meantime use the code JOYOUS at checkout and get 20% off anything in the store.

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  1. good idea, some people have an affinity for herbal type plants.they are aware of ''effects''.



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