Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magical Healing Salve

So here is the first of the three healing salves we're going to be offering:
OUCH !! Do you have a cut, nick, sore, abrasion, diaper rash, chapped lips, or burn. Well this Magical Healing salve is just the stuff to take care of it. It has healing properties that you will have to experience to believe.
I could go on and on about the ingredients, most of which we grow here. Comfrey for one I have used in some critical situations on myself, once when I tore my arm open, and once when I cracked open my scalp.... It contains a substance that is classified as a cell proliferant...basically it really speeds up the regeneration of cells. When I cracked open my head,, not being one to go to Doctors, I had my wife tie the hairs on each side of the wound stitches, holding it together...then put on a poultice of healed up in a couple of days, when I tore my arm open (I had a hard core job in those days, always gettin injured)...anyway if you pound the stem it is like strings and gelatin...the strings stitch it together, and the gel seals and heals it really quickly (after stopping the bleeding with some alum). The Indians called it "Knitbone" and used it for mending broken bones.
Self Heal and Plantain are both well known for their healing properties and over the years I sort of made it so our lawn was about 70% these, and 30% grass, which is cool because they tolerate drought and our clay soil better than than grass, and we always have healing herbs for bites or cuts right at our fingertips.And the Self Heal flowers look like small lavender flowers all over the lawn. Calendula is also an amazing healing herb/flower and it's been said that it kills tetanus.... I have friends who swear by it, and not believing in vaccines use it when they or their children get puncture do I . Haven't gotten tetanus yet. St Johnswort isn't just good for Depression, it is also an amazing topical healing herb, and propolis is an antibacterial "bee glue" that is amazing. Before antibiotics were used Silver was the medicine of choice for really really bad burns, in fact burn victims were put in tubs of silver water. We make our own and it's way more potent than any you can buy. Tea Tree oil is also quite miraculous in it's healing and antiseptic properties and I put LOTS in this. The base is a nice organic coconut oil which soothes the skin and makes it easier to soak in, mixed just right with bees wax so that it has just the right consistency. We added some Lavender essential oil, and mixed with the tea tree oil and propolis which has an amazing smell....the combination of the 3 smells is wonderful. The salve is a beautiful deep green from the herbs. Added to that is the Magic of a Healing Intention filled with Love.

You can buy enough to last years for just a few dollars here on our store:
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