Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Antidote

Sittin here,

it's raining outside

All my old wounds

From this Lifetime and the Past

Judgments hidden behind

a facsade

Yelling at me

Draining my energy

I Have the "Flu"
Taryn does too

But this particular strain

beyond any in the past

has been very specific

in settling in All the old wounds

So for Taryn and I it manifests 
completely differently

Her throat screamed at her for days
for the centuries that her Voice
had been denied..

Mine yells from old wounds of war
and Love..

This is a Special time my friends
the ...
Overall Cosmic Vibe

That Sea that we all float in and share...

Is vibrating at a higher frequency every day

God has reached critical Mass you might say...

And here we are

floating along...

been tortured and consoled
and defined
for so long.. 

by Illusions

And believing it all.

But this new frequency

all our old Illusions
our old Security
Our old Dreams

And they cannot remain as they once were....

Yet what else is there for us ?
but the unknown that lies beyond the Dream...

And we've learned to Fear the Unknown..

So we struggle to keep our ships afloat
even as they are crumbling
Because the Ocean is so vast
and as I said, Unknown...

We suffer in fear and desperation
and Pain settles in..

Well it's time for a choice my friends.

Do we hang on to a ship that 
was really just a figment of our imaginations

that is crumbling inside our Dream..

Or do we just let it Go

And flow with the Ocean...

There is really only one choice

Lest we be into suffering...

I'm pretty done with that...

How about you?


  1. Your words soothed my soul.

    I'm ready too.

  2. I sometimes (only sometimes, wish it was constant) have a feeling come over me. That feeling is that there is nothing, nothing at all to be afraid of. Nothing to fear. I posted that yesterday. Have no fear friend.
    Be At Peace.



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