Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Now is the Time of the ONE

As Long as we view ourselves as Separate

They can Keep us Divided

An New Carving

We were told by our teachers.. our Preachers
That This was "good"
and That was "bad".

And to seek what was "good"
And shun what was "bad"

And we desired the "Good"
And we hated and feared the Bad.

And we never even realized
how our
Teachers and Preachers
Had taught us 
Desire and Hate
Which had bred Fear

And for millenium
we Desired
we Hated
And we Feared

Then Finally we Remembered
What it was like before our Preachers
and Teachers
Had taught us..
And it was Love that we found
Before the Desire
the Hatred and the Fear...

There was Simply 

And there within That
The walls that divide us
Melt into the Sun..

There is no 
"Us and Them"

The Satanic Duality has served it's purpose..

Now is the Time of the One..

It is Us

It is We

And until we take responsibility for that...

There will be War

And undue Pain and Suffering

But Once we do take Responsibility for that...

Taking the Knowing of that

To the depth of our Souls

Then we will know True Joy

and Bliss..

Because these are the Children of Love


  1. the world diabolical is from ''dia'' which means ''dual'' or seperate. seperation is hell.



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