Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Slightly Different Perspective

We are artists.
We create with our hands, our hearts and our minds....
And from this sacred unity we bring forth a unique new Creation...
Little Gods are we...
But alas we are also mortal men and women
who require food and shelter and warmth....
So we must make a price upon our Creations
so that we can sell them to others
to feed , shelter and warm ourselves.
We must assign a worth to our creation,
in order to put a price upon it.

And through our creating...and selling
we ,make our Living.

A funny thing about assigning worth....
First of all the general public has no comprehension of what work goes into what we do...
And some of us, do an insane amount of work
for very little money.
And yet the general public has no idea what a good deal they are getting.
Now there are a few folks who do know just how much work I personally put into each piece I create.
And these people think that I am way underselling my work.
And they are right.... I am
But it isn't because I don't assign a proper worth to my work...
That I have low self esteem and don't regard what I do very highly.

Here's the deal...
We live a very simple life...
And that is how we like it.
We live on less than most folks make on car payments every month...
Collecting Comfrey for Our Salve

And yet we feel so incredibly rich.

Yes I sell my "work"  for considerably less than it is worth,
but that means that in every single piece I make and sell
I am giving that person a gift of my time and energy.
Do you have any idea how wonderful that is for us.
In every piece...
there is a little extra Giving
a personal Gift to every single person I touch with my Art.
And I'll tell you...

that is worth more to me, than the money...

We are enriched by the Giving
much more than we are deprived
from a little less money.

It's funny though..
This System of doing Business
makes it so we can't afford our own work...he he

But that's OK..
We are so Blessed


  1. Hi Jeff, I totally understand what you are saying here, and it is very well put.
    I Love your art, and wear one of mine each day, and I think its great when people ask me about them!
    I think its a kind of pride I have when I explain how they are made (well, my idea of how anyway, picked up from your shop and blog!), and also relief that I don't have to buy into the whole machine made bit of gold, dug up by children or whatever, that fashion and my peers dictate.
    Interestingly, children, who are probably less swayed than adults when it comes to art, are absolutely captivated. So many want to see and have me crouch down so they can touch and properly see my special necklace. The tree especially.
    I'm just a bit sad that your booth is a couple of continents away. I'd like to say thank you in person to you both.
    Thank you!

  2. are wonderful and so are your creations.
    People often comment when I wear the necklaces you made, and if they don't comment I can see them looking at them! I know they are very special.
    I wish I could visit your booth I really do!
    Peace and joy and much love.

  3. Thanks so much Trish and Helena. It is folks like you that keep me inspired.

  4. Thank you for creating art and finding so much joy in it. :) I love you.

  5. youre always working!



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