Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Iran

Modeling a new pipe I made

I am writing this letter to you Iran..
....people of Iran.
I am writing to apologize to you for what the people who rule the people who rule my country
are doing to you,
and for what they will surely do in the future.
I want you to understand that it's not the American people who hate you.
Everyone I know knows that what we do is Evil.
  Sure we have our citizens who don't have the intelligence of a Chicken,
but understand that it isn't really their fault.
In this country the Masses are hypnotized by Television
which is owned and manipulated by the same greedy 1% who make wars for profit.
Not only are most Americans Hypnotized,
they are poisoned through their water supplies that are loaded with Fluoride,
which is used in the same way the Nazi's did to their prisoners,
to make them lose their will power and dummy down.
They are poisoned through their air
the entire country is flown over by airplanes dumping aluminum and barium and other toxic substances
which get into the lungs, the food and water supplies.
They are also lied to by their medical establishment and told that what is healthy,
is unhealthy,
and what is unhealthy,
they are told is healthy.

They believe they live in a Democracy,
however they are only allowed to choose from options...
that have been chosen for them as options
by the rich 1%, who decide everything for them
Letting them believe they are free,
because they have choice....
And most don't seem to realize the choice is made for them..

The "foods" most eat
cause them illness
cause them to pay into a corrupt medical and pharmaceutical system
that exist for profit...
not for the health of their fellow man.
In fact quite the opposite.
There's lot of money to be made from sick people..
so the masses are kept at a certain degree of sickness all the time
consuming pharmaceuticals that don't cure anything,
but mask symptoms,
and cause more problems....
that require more pharmaceuticals and more
"Medical Care".

So realize the American's that agree with the governments evil actions.
are sick, unhealthy, hypnotized Drones.
These drones used to be the masses,
but I am hopeful they are waking up
The internet has the ability to educate,
people are beginning to wake up..
To be honest I don't know much about your country,
but from the  not so subtle attempts that our media is making to get Americans to hate Muslims,
I assume you are a country with many Muslims.

Americans don't know much about Muslims,
what we are hypnotized to believe is that Muslims are terrorists who don't value human life..
and who treat women horribly.

I watched a documentary on "Islam"
I learned that it was the Muslims who brought Europe out of the Dark Ages..
That it was the Muslims who were centuries ahead of Europe in the Arts, Building, in Literature, in inventing things that were useful..... and much more.
And what pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages was what they stole from the Muslims
as they Raped, plundered and Killed in the name of Christianity...

Yet what American's are hypnotized to believe is that Muslims are a bunch of Heathens running around the desert riding camels.... and becoming terrorists because,
as George W Bush....our President (who we should theoretically respect, but who was illegally put in office and I don't know one single person who respects him) said, "You hate us because we are Free".
And some people actually believed that...
Of course any hatred towards our country would have nothing to do with the fact that we are still raping, plundering and killing Muslims the world over...
Mostly because we want their oil,
but also War is just good Business for that Rich Sick 1% who run this country.

I'm sorry....I'm sorry.... I'm sorry.... I'm sorry.....
There really isn't much I can do personally to help,
But we live a very very simple life in the country
We live on less money a Month than most folks make in car payments.
And we are happy with our simple life
and making so little money we are not required to pay taxes
that will be used to kill innocent people abroad...
mostly Muslims.
Americans who make a normal amount of money have to give a percentage of that to the Rich 1%..
This tax is brokered by our government who disperses the money from the common man
to the Rich 1%
via wars in foreign lands
and other means...
I am so sorry
Your country has every right to have Nuclear weapons
Though Nobody should
But with the US and so many other countries that surround you
armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons
it would only be fair.
Of course we're led to believe that your insane leader
would do something crazy and start a world war...
Even though our country is the only one to ever use nuclear weapons against our fellow human beings..
killing millions.

We are the Bully of the World
We don't like when other countries
who take care of their people
make us look bad
and don't want to pay to the rich 1%..
So we go to war with them.

By the way I watched you leader give a speech at the UN..
Everything he said rang true.
I wish everything our leaders said would ring true.

Personally we don't have a television or get a newspaper.
We refuse to be hypnotized....

I'm so sorry....

and Bless you...


  1. It isn't just the USA being hypnotized, sadly my country, and most of the "western world" falls under the same shadow of conspiracy, Duplicity,Greed and Warmongering.
    The world is a beautiful place being destroyed by corruption on every level - I truly hope people will awaken and take a stand sooner, rather than later.



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