Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Being Quiet

 On Being Quiet

New Experiment with Scrimshaw on bone

There is always something going On.
Something keeping us "Engaged".
But even as we are kept engaged by the world,
and the people and things around us..

Something else is quietly whispering in our ear...

Problem is that we're usually just to engaged...
too distracted ,
to hear the Whispering.

The Whisperer lives in a Magical Land
And seeks to remind us of when we lived there
Long ago....
and maybe tomorrow... 

But there are so many distractions.

Gotta make that buck to pay your way
through a System that you seem to be a slave to.

The world seems to be going totally Insane...
And a lot of us, don't even have to read about it in the papers..
We can Feel it.

Always could Feel Everything.

And that made it kind of difficult.

Because it seemed that the folks we were surrounded by...

But for those who were basically exposed antenna's
erected in the Middle of all that craziness..

Well we learned to Protect ourselves 
from all the crazy stuff we felt all around us.

We built walls..

Some of us High and Mighty folks used Magical little tools like
cyclones of white Light...

Or chanting certain sounds...
Or doing certain ceremonies...

Or becoming Hermits

But you know what...
The time for Protection is Past.

"But how are we to deal with all those "Negative" energies..

Well here's the deal...
It's time to learn that there are no Negative Energies
Not in Reality..

Only in our dualistic Judgments

"But we are built upon our judgments of Good and Bad,
how can we possibly escape them?"

Well you simply dwell in the heart of God...

Guess what, contrary to what most organized religion will tell you 

there is no Judgment in the Heart of God.

"Yeah, right...whatever weirdo."

Well then let me rephrase that without the "Loaded" word.

We become completely and totally quiet.

As it turns out,
that Magical Land the Whisperer is From
and is reminding you about...
Exists in

The Heart of God...

OKAY, sorry

in Total Silence..

So some of you are thinkin now I'm talkin total Jive

You've been quiet plenty of times..

"Never saw no stinkin heart of God..

no freakin Magical Land."

Well you know what..

You weren't quiet enough

Simply not speaking...

Isn't quiet.

Our minds are constantly defining everything they perceive.
Our emotions are constantly responding to what we see ..
and Feel..

All this is Noisy.

Quiet means
No thought
No emotion.
(Don't confuse love as an emotion, it's not)

In fact Love is what you find
When there is no
Thought, or Emotion..

So to be quiet
To Hear the Whisperer
To return to the Garden of Peace..
You gotta quiet your mind
and emotions

Start taking time out from your distractions..

I learned something some years back.
I was workin in a big office building
in the corporate world.
Hustle and Bustle all day..
No Quiet.

But I learned to go into a bathroom stall
and just totally let go..
No more Upholding of the world...
For just maybe 2 minutes...

You'd be surprised at how you can revive yourself
with just two private minutes of


Practice Quiet....

That's the Key to a Magical Land


  1. some people even have visions of things but they don't know if its just them or not. they must be picking up something. but they think they're the only one's.not anymore.



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