Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Having a Child does to a Woman Energetically

OK, I'm gonna talk some of that "Woo Woo" stuff again here.

A long time ago I used to do something during meditation that I called,
Going to the Archetype Plane for answers".

And I suppose you could say it was ,
"Contemplation upon a Question".

But the meaning of the word contemplation....
has mostly been lost.

A more accurate word,
for what contemplation used to mean....
and what I mean when I'm talkin about contemplation is..
Becoming..... Identification With .... Becoming

That which was the object of contemplation
 The one who contemplates

.... Becomes.

You have to be Quiet

Completely Quiet.

There is no Mentality defining

there are no emotions moving the waters..

Utter Stillness to the point that what is...

Is Everything Simply As One...

 Everything Simply As One...

And in that Place...

 it is all Known..

But it is not defined.

But if one carries a Question
alongside the still Waters

The answer is revealed.

Here is a magical Phrase:

"The answer to any question
Lies just before the intention, and thought
of the Question."

Once this Magical Phrase is truly comprehended..
And that is coupled with Utter Silence
The answer to any question
  about the workings of Life
Can be seen. 

The trick is maintaining as much of that silence

when communicating what is seen...

Well anyway I used to do that," Going to the Archetype" plane for answers thing..

But now
it comes to me...
he he.

If somebody asks me something about the workings of life
I'm like a Pavlovian dog playing fetch
Out of control
Down the road of the Question.
Even when I try not to
Sometimes I'll come right back,
but I've been known to be gone for days...

It's not a mental thing at all
In fact you could almost say it's the opposite.
It's like following a road
that is defined by a question..
And each step you take is quieter..
And then you arrive at the point of the intention of the Question...
One more silent step..
and there's the answer...

Anyway we were driving over to Eugene the other day and Taryn asked me,
well she said,
" I wonder what happens to a woman energetically when she has a Baby?"

Well I was gone and back in seconds..
and here's what I found and brought back..

Humans are luminous ...
Blobs of Light composed of a gazillion fibers...
or what I call cords
of light,
like a butterfly's cocoon,
but the fibers are of Light....

Anyway when the child is born the woman gifts her child part of her own luminous cocoon.
It's like a part of the belly just breaks off and out
and goes to the child..

The woman's cocoon now has a bunch of frayed cords there 

And this is no small deal

and the opening in the belly makes her more sensitive.

and she is sensitive...
still attuned to the part of her that broke off.
(Which is a good thing because she is going to have to care for this new little cocoon.)

But it is no longer a part of her.
So she feels kinda strange.
not totally grounded
because suddenly she is not quite who she was yesterday...

something is missing.
(Yeah, a huge chunk of her Luminosity)

Now here is where it gets tricky.
A lot of women when this happens
they try to put things back the way they were.
They try to energetically become the person they were before the birth..

And really this is counter evolutionary 

What they were energetically
defined who they were 
in the world of their fellow Humans.

And now in the blink of an eye
That has changed

Now it is time to simply be
what they are Now

Not to  try to get back into yesterdays Box...

A lot of the Moms who do that 
are the ones who end up using their children
to redefine their old dream.
Living vicariously through their child.
This isn't the best energetic interplay
for either of em.

At Birth
Energetically much is given away of who you were.

and you remember who you were..
but it's not who you are now.

The choice at this point is...
to decide.
Are you going to try and Grasp back the old you?

Get it together
and be who you Were...

Are you going to Honestly
and Totally give that part away....

And then live with it...

And then see

limitless possibility.

(And maybe a bunch of weirded out Family
and Old Friends
"You've Changed".)

When you have a child,
some of those cords of luminosity that you give to them
were attached to things in you
that no longer served your souls purpose.
and ideas
That were like chains upon your soul.

And you give some of this away

It's part of the process..

And now
If you can let it go...
(mentally and emotionally)..
Your child won't have to work it out.

We don't have to give our children our old crap

If we let it go
when  we give it away

or I suppose you could say,

When it's taken from us"...

or I suppose you could say,

When it is given and received Freely

then the child only gets Energy...

So if you are going to have a kid...
Keep this in mind
You will be giving away a piece of your luminosity..

Give it freely
and let it go.

And bless the Child, Yourself
and All of Creation
in so doing..

Yes, having a child will take something away from you..

But if you give it freely
You will find that 
Who you are without it...
is even more Beautiful..

A Portal I carved


  1. That is exactly what it's like! Thanks for putting it into words so eloquently.

  2. Wow Jeff, what you say resonates with me and my experiences.
    I too felt profoundly sensitive after my children's births, light, sound, emotions, everything. I really do believe that you have to open your soul to allow another to be born, and it takes ages after the birth of being very open and sensitive, and vulnerable spiritually.
    I have definitely felt part of me being given to my children, and actually once you step back and see, that is the way it is supposed to be. I don't feel all that much is about me anymore - in a really good way - its about my children, and for me that is hugely reassuring.

    P.S. strange isn't it, that surrounded by all these big religions etc etc nothing seems more true, or real than what you write on here.

  3. You expressed so beautifully answers to questions I've had in my heart. Thank you for sharing.
    Love you so much.



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