Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's OK to SHINE

My Sweet Darling..... Shining

There are some people who really impress me.

And they are from all different walks of life, 
different Races, creeds and colors...

They are as varied as the colors of the Rainbow.

But what they have in common...
what it is that impresses me.

Is their Light...

Their Link to Spirit...

Do you see the shine in their eyes...

That is a silent singing heart..

My wife is one of these people.

She impresses me every day

Her Intentions beautiful

Her heart so big

Hearts made silent through a thousand years of persecution.
For the Love that was Pure.
And OH so Magical....

The people who most impress me
are the peoples whose Spirits 


My Wonderful Uncle Lee and Aunt Isla... Shining

Taryn's Mom Julie w/ her dog...shining

Soooo Grateful to know such souls. 

Because their Spirit tells me,

"It's OK,

You don't have to hide your love anymore...."

"It's OK to Shine...."

What better a Blessing?

"It's OK to Shine"


  1. Thank you Jeff! I have looked at pictures of me from a few years ago, and I see how happily and freely my light seemed to pour from me, and I don't think I do that anymore. I must work on it, and avoiding those who seem to want to squash you!



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