Thursday, January 26, 2012

I felt so Helpless

Last night I had a very sad Dream

I was in a room full of People who I loved.

They were all Sick
and laying on Gurneys

They all suffered various "diseases"
that would eventually kill them.

And I would look at them and try to speak

but I could only cry

as the words caught in my throat

Because I knew that they were not prepared to make
the diet and lifestyle changes
that would save them.

Rather they were following the dictates of a "Medical Profession"
which was Treating their Symptoms
as diseases.

And in Masking their current symptoms
in a pretense of curing a disease
they were
creating a plethora of new symptoms.
Their actual Dis-eases
were totally unrecognized
by their "doctors".

I didn't want them to see me crying
at the Hopelessness of it..

I ran for the door to the Outside.
Gasping for fresh air I bumped into a tall woman 
who asked me what was wrong.

And I stammered between sobs,

"I feel so Helpless".


  1. Dear Jeff, I feel for you. This is an experience I have all too often - it's so hard. I want so badly to help folks but they don't even understand what I'm talking about...I guess it took me a while to get to where I'm at, too. I feel lucky to be here, but I wish I would help the people I love. I often feel helpless, too. Love and hugs to you ~ and thanks for spreading your light.

  2. Yep, I think maybe what makes it so hard for me is that it's like I'm talkin to myself.....yesterday. So much of what is painful is seeing who I was.... in others. I guess it's kinda like reformed smokers and drinkers, or even folks who get religion.... you just want everyone to see what you are seeing now, what you didn't see before. I try not to be too much of a pain in the ass, but it's getting harder and harder to keep my truth hidden.. I think it's so important we speak our truth, even when it may change on an hourly basis and really bother folks who don't like the Reflection.

  3. A sad to you Jeff. What you speak of is pure wonderful light, I am glad for

  4. you will always do what you do. does it just happen spontaneous without any control volition? some say it's that way. but we move thru the day as we do. what we say is what we say when we say it. np one really knows or maybe never can know.

  5. or the dreams at night in sleep are made of reality material since they are real vivid dreams. so the waking reality is made of same reality stuff as night sleep dreams. so you could say its all a vibrating dream awake and at night. but still, there is the forever infinity. since infinity cant be grasped its as if there is no person that really exists as anything verifiable. infinity , cant be imagined. accepting that infinity cannot be known. yet people still want to know. its just a characteristic of consciousness. hard to believe we truly dont know. eternal unknowable self . theres the dream , which will always become another type of existence forever . that explains in a way, why we just happened to exist. it had to happen in some alleged form. mr. jones today, maybe a world of blue light that has two glowing white orbs for 5 years, then next existence is a who knows what. see what develops,



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