Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Counter Productive Religion... and Veteran Suicide

I was raised in the worlds most counterproductive Religion.
Or what these days you might call "Spiritual Practice".
At the time it wasn't as organized as it is today.
And as most of the counterproductive religions do,
it hid it's true Nature in Platitudes,
that on the surface sounded almost logical.
Platitudes like:
"If you don't have something nice to say,
don't say anything."
"If it's painful to think about,
Just don't think about it."

Sounds nice....

sounds reasonable.

And these days the words have changed a little to things like,
"If it's a lower vibrational thought,
just replace it with a higher vibrational thought."

So as I say I was raised in this Religion,
which like most religions has a major basis in Fear.

This manifested in a household where
we never ever ever spoke about anything that Mattered.

In my home the Government's decisions were never questioned.
The Church's ideas were never questioned.
And the Medical Profession...
and anything born of technology
were revered as Godlike...
Never Questioned
and held as superior to Common Sense
and Mother Nature.

In fact when Bush was first stealing an election
and I was sending emails to my folks trying to educate my parents on
Bush's history, and ties, and motivations.
And I pointed out text of Cheney's speeches to his oil buddies
in the company where he was CEO...
many years prior to Sept 11th
where he was guaranteeing they'd get into Afghanistan
and get their pipeline from the Caspian Sea built,
"One way or another."

My Mom threatened to disown me,
refused to show my letters to my Dad,
and told me that once upon a time I'd be shot as a traitor.
(Years later she forgot all this
and became a staunch anti Bush Crusader)

During the Viet Nam war...
another US led assault upon humanity
 created to make a few nasty rich people
much richer
and many poor people
much deader.
My protests landed my belongings on the front porch of their home.
Where my beliefs 
were no longer welcome.

So what is this Religion
and why do I say it is "Counter Productive"?

The religion is Denial..

Recently I've been appalled to see
the incredible number of Veteran Suicides.

And it is mainly because of this religion
that these sad unnecessary deaths are occurring.

18 Veterans Suicides a day 

18 Veterans Suicides a day 

Can you believe that.
And there are lot's of reasons given for this high statistic.
But most are bogus.
Because at all cost the government,
who happen to be the primary clerics in this Religion of Denial,
must keep the Truth from being Revealed.
Because if it were revealed.
They would lose their Army of Pawns.
And without this Army of Pawns...
The Big Business of War
would come to a standstill. 
(although they are working to get around that).
So how is it that this religion of denial is responsible for these deaths?
Well it's on a lot of levels.

From the Pawns perspective:
Hypnotized into believing they are doing,
"the right thing"
"fighting the good fight"
these poor soldiers go into war.
They are not allowed to look at those they kill as fellow humans
they are the enemy
"Slant Eyes"
Less of a person.
They are commanded to murder their fellow man
for reasons that if scrutinized
don't hold up.

They do their duty..
They murder who they are instructed to murder
they become numb through Denial
so they can do this..
It makes it easier.
And sometimes in this numb state they murder
innocent women and children.
They are "good soldiers"
Carrying out orders as "good soldiers do.

Then they go home...
they see the protestors 
(who the clerics like to blame for their suicides)
And pretty soon they start to listen ...
and then they start to hear....

and then they see...

The religion of Denial often fails them now
as awareness dawns upon them.

They were pawns in an evil game
with the sole purpose of making a very few
very rich....
They murdered their fellow man,
to make a very few
very rich.

I tell you what,
I remember some past lives.
I remember being murdered
in "Wars".

I remember watching the women and children and old men
in my tribe being murdered.
I was a holy man.
I was with the women, children and elderly

not our fighters.
And every single time I think of this memory
I cry.
It hurts to my very soul.. 

And it isn't because I was killed by the Bluecoats.

It isn't because I watched my tribe murdered.

It's because in my anger

I slit the throat of one of the Bluecoat soldiers.

There is nothing more painful
to a good man.
Than killing his fellow man.

No excuses,
no bullshit platitudes
ever take the pain away.
When I remember this.
the killing of just one man
even when he was murdering my kin...
Just one man.
And lifetimes ago.
AQnd the Pain that I still carry because of this.
I can not imagine the pain in the heart of a soldier in Iraq
or Afghanistan.
Who may have murdered many. 
We can only deal with so much pain..

We can call the Murder of innocent civilians,
"Collateral Damage"
to lessen the Truth that it is
the murder of innocent civilians.

And bullshit platitudes
 from folks lost in the religion of denial,
...all the chaplains yammering
and Psychiatrists psychoanalyzing
can not take that pain away.

Hey, lifetimes don't take that pain away.
So that is the first level of how this denial causes
the deaths of these poor soldiers who commit suicide.

Denying the Truth
 Pretending that our Murdering our fellow man
is somehow noble, or heroic..
Will catch up with every good man, 

The next level is the denial of everyone else
to admit that we have no good reason
going into these foreign lands
to sacrifice the lives of these poor soldiers
and their victims
to make a few rich piggies...richer.
Rather than even look at the Truth
the masses pretend to believe the lies
their governments
led by the corporations
tell them.

" If we don't have anything good to say about this...
don't say anything? "

 "If it's too painful to think about,
just don't think about it? "

And soldiers will just keep dying
and just keep murdering
and just keep killing themselves...

Precious Life
Sacrificed on the Altar of Denial

Fueled by Greed

and Fear.

Have all these Veterans
who have taken their own lives died in Vain?

Well if we sit blindly wringing our hands saying,
"OH how could this Happen...
it's soo soo sad".

Yes they have.


And say,
"Sending our Young People to die
for the rich mans gain

"If you are thinking of becoming a soldier
DON'T. "

"There is no Honor in it."

"And you will come to figure that out..."

"And the Pain might well be beyond what you can bear..."

If we Face the Truth.

Their Deaths might have some small purpose..

18 Veteran Suicides a Day..

Denial will never wash that away..


  1. thank you Jeff...for sharing your thoughts, the truth.
    much love to all

  2. A great gut-ripping heart-wrenching post!! I shared it on my Facebook page.

  3. Hi Trish, Hettienne, Thank you...and thanks for reading. A lot of folks would rather just turn away from such things. Thank you

  4. good buttons, they almost look like appetizing cookies! good ''selling point'' ! anyway, we need fresh clean air. that's what's most needed . nothing like fresh clean air...



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