Monday, February 6, 2012

Shifting Frequencies

Shifting Frequencies

A lot has been going on Lately

Tides shifting Back and Forth..

And Clarity  ..

and Peace..

Do we Dance

Or do we Wallow ?

Do we sing

or do we cry?

Joy // Misery

Greed / Giving

Fear / Love

Two very different energies.

Two very different 

Vantage Points.

And it seems that now
is really a time of Choice.

Today I was practicing a 
Different Way of Seeing.
A Technique called,
"Seeing with Equal Eyes".

This is a very Magical Practice..

I'll briefly explain, 
then get on with the story.

Seeing With Equal Eyes 
You open your eyes.

You silence your mind

You quiet the Sea of Emotions
And you see everything
within your field of Vision
You are not seeing many different
and separate things.
It's all one thing,
Integrated Flowing
and you see that way.

Some folks say you "cross your eyes"

But it isn't really that.

Each eye sees separately

what is before it..

The brain is not attached so

it isn't consolidated in the Mind,

into a single Image.

This is when it feels momentarily like the eyes cross...

So you are perceiving What IS

without the Mind

or emotions.

Crossing is a good word here,
because when you do this technique
you are crossing over into 
a different frequency range.


Greed, hate, lust, Fear/Low Frequency

Love, Aspiration / High Frequency

And when you become Silent
on all levels..

When you have completely suspended Judgment.

Completely Suspend Judgment

and see with Equal Eyes,

You see what truly is

Not an idea (the mind) about what is

or a Feeling (the emotion) about what is...

But a Knowing

an Identification with

a Merging with

What Truly Is.

We've been taught and trained
to cling to the lower frequency
of  Fear, Greed, Lust and Hate .
Our Minds and Emotions
Serve to keep our vision
We unconsciously 
and consciously
don't even consider

that Merging with
What Truly Is

is Possible..

And in actual Fact

It's eventually inevitable.

We have been taught to Define the World

And to steadfastly cling to our definition.

This WAS the WAY

The Path of Evolution

When "the Way" was 
Finding self expression.
Making our unique, individual....point.

OH cell of God

But once that Evolutionary Point was made

"The Way"  changed.

So now "the Way"

is Back to the One..

Getting back to ,"Seeing with Equal Eyes".

So I was doing this today.

And I realized after I did it
how so very seldom I do it 
in my "waking" state
( I do it a lot in the Dreamtime).

And I  thought of How
It feels so good
to do it.
Feels like how we are supposed to
Perceive the World

And yet I so seldom do it...


Well  maybe because it would put me on a Frequency
So different than the "Norm"
That maybe I fear
all the Past fears
of burning at a stake
or Hot Burning Oil...

But you know what ?

I think it's time

I think we can now say..

We're done seeing things the old Way.

OK, here's the deal about "seeing with equal eyes",

It can only work with the judgments removed.

You can not see the One
When you are pushing and pulling the little ones.
Desiring This
and shunning That.

We walk through life,
feasting our eyes on the "beauty".

And turning away from dark 

and painful places.

Poised betwixt Pleasure....and Pain.

And dancing the dance of Duality...

That WAS the "Way"..

But the "Way" has Changed...

Unity is inevitable.

And yet some must fight for the Little Selves

To the very End.

When there is No Judgment

The View is Clear..

Unity is ...

So I was talkin to Taryn, 
wondering if I should just start making a Practice of,
"Seeing with Equal Eyes".

And I thought of one time a long time ago
when I was hitchhiking with Neil Young 
Across the top of the range where he lived,
then down to and up the coast.

I didn't know him,
we were just at the same place at the same time a few times..
Any way , this one time we were riding in the back of a Pick-up..

Then at some point the Frequency Changed...

He went his way
dropped off at a bar in La Honda
and I went to the ladies house 
who was driving the truck.

I was a young guy,
not too far past remembering what it was like to be a normal human..

And this woman took me into her home..
She was very ...beautiful
It was like a Dream...
Cabin, on the hillside,
so rustic
and Real.
She asked me if I wanted some herb tea...
There was only this overstuffed bed to sit on..
And briefly I felt my humanness...
But the woman's eyes...
held me to a higher frequency.
They were not focused as everyone else
I had ever seen's

Then some more people came...

And they had the same kind of eyes...

And I called them,
Country eyes".
Because, well...
I was a city boy...
didn't know a lot of country folk..
so just figured it was a Country Folk Attribute...
Turns out it wasn't
but the term, Country eyes"

I can't remember right now what all happened then.

Being at different frequencies is like that,
like some higher dreams 
that we are unable to remember
unless for some reason we duplicate the frequency.

Anyway, in my Dreams
I see these people
and they have eyes like that.
And in my "Dream's"
I've been to that cabin many times.
And return often to a group
and Place.
With folks I don't know
in the "waking" world.
And it all is taking place at a higher frequency.

And I realized that when I am seeing with equal eyes
my eyes are like that..
Thank you Maja Larson for the Picture

And the place I go in the Dreamtime,
the eyes of the people are like that...
"Country Eyes"

And I realized that
a total shift to that consciousness
of One...

Is just a Breath away..

Lots of us already Exist there....

In the Dreamtime...

And when the Big Shift comes.

It'll just be 

waking up into our most Perfect Dream.

But that's for those who can 
"See with equal eyes"...

Because every judgment

will be a big fat bump in the Big Ride.

And gettin to that Perfect Dream..

we gotta pass over the ruts and bumps

of judgments we have maintained.

If we can pass beyond those judgments now,

by seeing with equal eyes...

The bumps smooth out ...

And suddenly we are there...

Waking Up.

A Whole new Frequency

A whole new World..

Just a Breath Away..


  1. Your words are still humming in my heart. Thank you for writing this. Beautifully expressed.

  2. and you are that anyway. no effort is needed. it takes care of itself, it has never been lost. it was watching all the is watching you ,it IS you.there IS ''no one else''.

  3. I love this...seeing with equal eyes, like a doorway to non-duality. The WAY of the awake :)

  4. Thanks Aja, I like that, " the Way of the awake"...



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