Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to keep the Protests REAL

I had a thought about the Occupy Protests. 

Everybody knows the cops are abusing Protestors
People make videos from their cell phones,
and post it to You Tube.

So we can all be aware.

So how about this idea..

Have whoever has a megaphone
and the attention of the people
announce daily that
if anyone is seen throwing a rock,
or doing damaging things...

Everybody with a camera should take their pictures..
or get video.

This way it will discourage idiots 
from messing it up for the serious protesters...


it will discourage the "Plants"
in the Group...
Put there by the Government
or the folks who run the Government
from behind the scenes

 from making it look like the protestors are violent
so they can shut em down.

The Protestors must Police themselves if they don't want to be shut down from the Inside....

or a "covert" outside.

Be Smart...

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