Thursday, February 2, 2012


All too often we worry about how

Speaking our Truth

will affect others.

Yet we rarely consider how NOT

speaking our Truth

will affect us.
When we are aligned with our Souls

we are in our Integrity.

When we are not

Health will not be ours.

We have lived Lifetimes

out of alignment with our souls.

We live in boxes...inside of boxes
inside of boxes, inside of boxes....

And eventually the process becomes one of
escaping those boxes.

But escape is a painful process
because what put us within each box
was a judgment that disconnected us
a little bit more
from who we really are.
And each disconnect
was painful...
And to become aware of the boxes
we are prisoners in
we must look at what put us there in the first place

And having pretended who we are
for so long...
We've actually forgotten our Truth.

As long as we remain afraid to speak our Truth

for fear of how it will affect others.

We will be incapable of finding it

for ourselves.

People smoke cigarettes
they become alcoholics 
or drug addicts
or impose on themselves unhealthy habits that
are born from their lack
of integrity....
From their disconnection from their Souls.

When in our Integrity
we seek to strengthen our bodies Health.

These habits
born of the disconnection

perpetuate it.

Something I'm learning these days is that

we can't be just a little bit in our Integrity.

Just like we can't be just a little bit pregnant

or just a little bit honest..

We either are

or we aren't.

Boxes within boxes.

If we truly have the intention to escape these boxes
If we truly seek to be in our Integrity.
We have to realize
it's all or nothing.

The Truth we hide from others
becomes the Truth we can never Be.

But don't be discouraged...

In any given moment we can be totally in our Integrity.

Yes, we will return to the old safety of the Boxes
time and again...

But each moment we spend in our Integrity

which only exists in the Present Moment

shows us who we really are

clues us in to What is Real...

Reminds us of Freedom. 

And that eventually it will be our Souls

that guide our Path.

Today would be a good day 

to Quit pretending who we are.

And if in being in our Integrity

if by being honestly who we are

we offend others.

Then we can learn who is important in our Lives

and who isn't.

If folks don't love who you really are....

find some who do....

and Hang out with them.

The others, 
who would have you stay disconnected
for their own comfort...

Let them go elsewhere with their Judgments.

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