Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's funny how folks who eat meat try so hard to be politically correct
and tiptoe around
so as not offend the Poor Vegetarians.

Like these frail little birds who we don't want to hurt.
because if you say anything to em
they start flapping around like a wounded bird.

Never quite touchin the ground
but bangin into the windows

until they've knocked themselves
  just plain silly.

Vegetarianism :

If tomorrow there were no trains,
or planes
or cars or trucks.
And your living from the Earth 
had to be derived from 
where you were on it..
.... That small piece of the Earth
you might call

How well would you fare?

I realized tonight how a large percentage of
vegans and vegetarians
have built into themselves
from this life 
and many past lives
A guilt..
an embarrassment,
a feeling that the physical life
the life in the body
the life driven by primal impulses
was to be subdued.

Like me,
many of them were once Monks
where all of the Physical was considered secondary..
to the attainment of some Higher Enlightened state....

So a couple thousand years ago
We made a decree
A Suggestion to those souls
surfin the edge of Creation..
That to unbind their ankles
to the ground..
To allow the Life Force to move upwards into the heart..and Head...and then Beyond
We should refrain from eating meat.

You see humans in general back then were built a little different
They were predominantly based in their lower centers.

Humanity just naturally evolves

from base to summit...

And there are always the "Mystics"
that lead the Way.

So an old trick of the Mystics
You might say,
Well, actually it was a Rule
Was to refrain from eating meat.

You see we exist inside this Circle
called Life
And in the Human Circle
Meat has a very strong binding to the Earth energy.
The eating of meat is very grounding.
It is a link in a chain that binds us
to every other link in the chain.

If we deny that link
we are denying the Human Circle
We lose our strong connection to the Heart of the Earth
We become like "birds flitting a little off the ground"

I know
been there done that

And embedded in our DNA from those Monk days,
and the Catholic/Christian Persecution of anything "Physical".
We feel we are attaining some Heightened State because we're so

Barely Connected

So floatin off the ground

so outside of our bodies..

So freakin disconnected from our Center..

That's what we saught
that was the next step.

Had Been draggin in the dumps for a thousand years..
then cuttin loose the anchor
abstaining from meat
takin some really hot freakin sweat baths
Using herbs that just about killed us
but that showed us something beyond just the gutter.

But that was like 2000 years ago
and the whole has evolved
past where the Mystics of Old 
dared to Peek.
In fact humanity as a whole now 
is more emotional and mental in nature
the Primal instincts mostly lost..
Like what the Mystics of 2000 years ago 
attained through the abstention from meat.
Is where almost all of Humanity is Now.

Now there are still that number of new souls poppin up.
I won't go into all that,
but sure, Abstaining from the Circle
will still allow those centered in their "  lower nature"
to drift up into some higher centers.

But right now in Humanity
Those "Higher Centers"
Are out of Control..
The "Emotions" of Humanity
are Broiling
The Mentality of Humanity
Is racing like an out of control Train.

And a genuine tie to the Mother 
You chose to be born upon
That Root to the Heart of the Planet where our bodies dwell
has withered to nothing...
it seems almost non-existent in most people. 

When common sense is superseded by 
The Mentality
We will eventually find disease

You are not here by chance
on this Physical Earth
in this Physical Body.

And yes it is filled with Pain

And we have run from this Pain
For Centuries

But now we have come to that Point
Where we can turn and face what has been chasing us
face what has pulled our arms,
moved our feet and mouths..

The Puppeteer is finally exposed.

And it's in the Past
and it's in the Future

And the only Salvation
the only freedom from the wires that pull our arms,
and legs and mouths..
Is to be in the Present
Fully Conscious.

You know we've been makin excuses to ourselves
and others for why we aren't
Fully Conscious
fully in the moment

In fact ,when we are fully conscious 
it's so painful to see how freakin 
UNCONSCIOUS we "Normally" are 

That we decide we'd rather not be Fully Conscious

and so we just get used to living in Fear,
dread, guilt etc. from the Past
and Projecting that into the Imagined future..

No thanks

I want off that bandwagon.

It's time to be Fully Conscious

No more Pretending

It's time to jump right in the Flow...

Not off into the Air...

Re Attach the Root

Complete the Circuit

Now a lot of non meat eaters will tell you it is 
"Cruel to kill an animal".

Let's get back to that first question.
If you just happened to be in say,
the Arctic Circle
Living the life of Joe Eskimo
and you had no option to feed your family
but the Blubber of a Seal.
Would your action of killing that animal 
to feed your family be.

a. A Cruel act

b. The Natural Flow of Nature

Factory Farms are Cruel

But killing an animal to Live

is Not

Now these vegetarians will say you have no right to take the Life
Exactly where did they get this decree?
I question that it came from an educated source.
Because without killing in Nature
The whole Thing comes to a Stop
There is no more Nature
There are no more animals
there is no more of this world.

It is an integral part of Life upon Planet Earth.

Now get this
Life is in Everything


And beyond mans ego and mentality's idea that
one thing is greater than any other...
That any one aspect of creation is more important than any other..

The Truth of the Matter is :

We Are One Huge Thing

No part of this huge thing

is greater or less than any other part.
Beyond the ignorance of Man

it's all Balanced

And think about this:

You know plants are aware of our feelings and intentions.


but most humans aren't even aware that plants have feelings and Intentions.

And yet humans in their unawareness of something so basic
in the world surrounding them.
Still consider themselves superior to Plants.

Just because plants don't communicate in the same lower frequencies
where humans tend to communicate.

Just because of the humans pure density of matter
the fine singing of the plants is heard by few.

Well I tell you what

if you ever heard a plant scream

which I have

you'd quit eatin them.

Then what are you gonna do Mr. Vegan Eskimo.?

Won't survive long eatin nuthin but freezing cold snow.

Your body is a sacred thing

don't use it to make a statement about how 

Cruel LIFE can be.

Your body is a gift
a blessed temple

don't feed it Fear

It's funny
so many vegans look at plants
like they are somehow less than animals
like killing them was somehow less cruel
because they are too dense to hear the screams
And then these Lowly plants
withheld the respect given the sacred beasts...

are the main item these people consume.

Here is a secret to Unhealthy Life

Eat something that you withhold respect from
eat something that you make with your mind and emotions
less than everything else.


"Deserving to Live"

What does that even mean?

It should never die ?

or it should just die of natural causes at a very old age.?

Boy farmers wouldn't make much money if they had to let all the plants die of a very old age.

And nobody wants to eat an old dead cow...

Yeah, we're all deserving to live
until it's time for us to die.

And here's the news you Vegans don't want to hear...

It's not up to Us.

When anything Lives or dies

It's up to Life...

Do not buy meat from factory farms
do not buy meat that's been fed GMO grains
Buy organic
Buy from people you know
who love the animals.

There would be no factory farms if folks didn't buy it.

And I know you carnivores
that it's INSANELY expensive to buy organic meat.
Buy the bones then
make the soup from the bones
and heal your guts...

Raise or catch or hunt your own food

take responsibility for whatever Life passes through you

Be it animal or vegetable or fruit or nut

Respect the Life in the Food you eat

Give Thanks

And Thrive


  1. I read it all, but this stands out:

    "Do not buy meat from factory farms
    do not buy meat that's been fed GMO grains
    Buy organic
    Buy from people you know
    who love the animals.

    There would be no factory farms if folks didn't buy it.

    And I know you carnivores
    that it's INSANELY expensive to buy organic meat.
    Buy the bones then
    make the soup from the bones
    and heal your guts...

    Raise or catch or hunt your own food

    take responsibility for whatever Life passes through you

    Be it animal or vegetable or fruit or nut

    Respect the Life in the Food you eat

    Give Thanks

    And Thrive"

    I'm a vegetarian, (kind of but not really, and I am leaning toward not)
    it's been 10 years, and I eat eggs and fish oil, and butter, but haven't bit into flesh but I feel like my truth of how I feel about meat is simply wrapped up in your last words, and the part about survival. I'm down to do what I need to do. and I also believe that people who think they're better off or more spiritual just cuz they refrain from meat- are fools. You and Taryn have inspired me so much to get back to basics... I appreciate your rants about politics too. I could say so much, but not here not now. but I will tell you through the ethos, that you are not alone in your feelings about the world brother... Feeling truth, by way of the heart... bless, LL

  2. Thanks Lauren, We both tried being vegetarians... didn't work for us, and it's simply not sustainable. I guess that's why there aren't any indigenous populations that are vegetarian. We have found that it's the FAT mostly that our bodies crave...not as much the flesh. Bracken is always a good barometer. If we set a bunch of fresh organic fruit in front of him...and a pile of cracklings from the lard I just rendered.... he'll eat the cracklings (fat) until he bursts, completely avoiding the fruit...interesting, I would have not guesses that, but then those cracklings are soo full of nutrition, and it's the fats that our bodies crave, contrary to what the medical/pharma big business would like us to think. Best to keep us on low fat/unhealthy vegetable fats to keep us coming back to them with our hard earned money.
    Yep, nothing better than Fish Oil, love the fermented cod liver oil/ghee blend...though we're off the butter right now. I think eggs and fish oil and butter sounds like a pretty good diet, but I personally would add the bone broth for all the minerals.... we live on that, every day, it's so healing to the gut and good for bones, nerves, brain, hair... just about everything. Yesterday we went to the butcher, we have a great local one, all free range grass fed...the pork is finished on Hazelnuts....anyway we LOVE pork belly, it's basically bacon ...that's not smoked or treated. But what we really love about it is the Fat...But yesterday it had so much meat on it, we didn't really like it. I just rendered about a gallon of lard from some friends who raised the pig..... There is so much vitamin A and D....the oil is a Golden color. For most of my life, from age 15 to 50 I was on antacids, then acid blockers. The smallest amount of fat just about killed me. Since we changed our diet, and I got off the meds (slowly, the acid blockers are bodily addicting) I don't get heartburn, and what really blew me away was that now fat, is the easiest thing to digest. I think for 90% of the population, who have eaten excuse the expression CRAP, for most of their lives, and whose digestion is wrecked, a heavy on the veggie diet would be good for a time to detox, but the grains and beans are just not the best thing.....feed that nasty bacteria that are what is creating most disease these days.. I really need to do a blog post about that. Anyway it's sunny so I'm outside weeding and trimming trees, away from my "work", but it's all got to get done. Thank you for reading with an open mind....those are not all that common.

  3. also, some can eat a QUART of ice cream a DAY, with occasional breaks ,and havent had a cold for 2 YEARS. so much for ''dairy products cause colds''. but of course organic is best. perhaps we cannot continue this massive dairy consumption, but it shows that organic foods, cannot make you sick. but mainly , it is best to me, to just eat the perfect amount of meat that you need. not the constant craving for meat at all meals . thats not neede. just lots of other good foods, then just enough meat to keep you healthy. meat is like a catalyst. just enough needed. not over do it. you dont need 6 pieces of fried chicken and steak for dinner. just eat lots of nuts vegetables and healthy fats . preferably organic.

  4. No, dairy doesn't cause colds, but they prob say that because in folks who can't tolerate it there's an excess of mucous, maybe that is a better breeding most virus's thrive on sugar. Good point about the Pigging out on meat. I think that's another sign of showing lack of respect, lack of the consciousness that this is powerful food. Unless it's factory farmed....then I think it should be Illegal to call it Meat.... and it should have warning labels attached.," This Crap will Kill You" something basic like that, he he

  5. Thanks for the info. I will seek out a free range pastured butcher, if you know what I mean ;) I think I became vegetarian to detox for sure. I finally had a say in what I wanted to eat, whereas before I was not aware and just eating what my parents gave me, and even though they had great intentions and weren't all that bad I still had a gut full of fastfood and fried junk from years of eating like the masses, but not to the extreme, just to the point that when I realized what was really being served in foods I ate, I nearly lost my cool. I had been experimenting with mushrooms, and I was FULL on wide eyed to everything, and the best thing for me to do at that time was be a vegetarian to navigate my way around the coorporate greed, violence and illness I felt so near me. I was living in L.A. County ( Long Beach ) so there wasn't that feeling of being able to connect with a farm, and I wasn't learning about alternatives, I just went straight for simply veggie even vegan but that only lasted 4 months, I nearly fainted I was so weak, that was not a good diet. Live and learn... I am glad you and Taryn are feeling well. I will add that since reading your blog I have changed my mind about lard. I used to eat it thiking it was BAD like THEY tell us, but now I welcome it, and enjoy it in a whole new way... I will consider giving it to my son at some point... He's just now getting into solids. Much love, LL



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