Monday, April 9, 2012

You are Truly Perfect

As long ago as I can remember,
 from a wee tot,
 to a growing man
I was told in strong terms that,
"Nobody's Perfect".
That nobody can be perfect,
 except maybe Jesus Christ. 

When I was 8 years old,

I knew it was a Lie.

From the day I met that Blue Angel

And the day after when I was moved all day
by the grace of my soul.
I knew that Grace,
That when we are moved by Spirit
We are Perfect.

But alas
even at that young age
when I moved through the Grace of Spirit.
I scared the Hell out of those around me...
And they did all they could to bring me into their
Into the narrow little box 
they believed they were more secure inside.

I tried to climb into the box with them
so that they might love me..
But I couldn't breathe in there..
So I pretended as best I could..

It wasn't fun.

We're surrounded..
Enveloped within
A bright and shining Soul..

A piece of The All Spirit.

Like a drop of water 
in the soothing warm ocean. 


But we forget

We forget what we truly are

We forget the Perfection

of moving with Grace.

We forget that the drop

 is One with the whole Ocean..

But here is the secret..

The Truth that the Big Lie kept us from seeing...

Painting I did in the early 70's

We are Perfect

We move through the Grace of Spirit.

We are One..

And All..

And all that Fear...
All that has been bred from Fear...

Is not who we really are.

You know, 

It's OK to move with Grace...

It's OK to live as a Soul.

It's OK to be Honest...

It's OK to be Yourself...

You are truly Perfect



  1. Wonderful...very happy belated birthday wishes to you.
    Much love.

  2. yup,you cannot NOt be ''perfect''. there are no ''levels'' of perfection.

  3. Well said! I have just had the exact, life changing realization today and happened to stubble upon your words. Relieved that others see, and hope more begin to see the potential of humanity as a whole.

  4. always enjoy reading your Soul works!
    Peace Jeff xo

    1. Thanks Maja, nice to hear from you



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