Thursday, May 17, 2012

Opening Up !!

At Market.

She Shines

Lifting Up

Opening UP
 We had , or are removing two huge trees that were in close to the house..
They needed to go, had become a hazard.
But we had no idea what would happen when we reomved them.
Everything OPENED up
Not just visually
but spiritually...
Suddenly the Light could shine In..

It's that time you know..
Time to let the Light shine.

 And the wood will be quite a blessing.
It's costing a fortune, but the guys letting us make payments

 Gonna make benches and chairs...
Huge Maple and Hemlock slabs.
Lots of poles that need to be skinned, and have the ends oiled,
 and then slowly cured in the wood shed racks...
Useful with building projects..
 The Grapes we cloned from our Friend Brandon's place
Taryn's favorite grape ever,
Made it through their first winter after having some roots..
It was hard for them mostly because of the Fungus that was a major problem all around these parts last year.
Maybe 5 plants made it...
This summer they'll strengthen up...
Gonna have some good plants.
The blueberries are rockin and waiting to be put in the ground
once we get all the trees cleaned up.
 Spring Garden Greens
 A Bigger View
Much bigger

Gonna build a nice Meditation Hut
on my Dad's spot out front.

 Fairies dancing in the yard
 Taryn can sure take some amazing pictures with this not so great camera...
Pretty great in her Hands.
So Pretty
 More dancing Fairies
Fairy Landing

A necklace I made out of some amazingly beautiful wood, set with Turquoise.

 We've been real busy...
OM, in a really cool wood

Just sent this off in Trade for a bunch of yarn and wool

A good place to be. A sign I made from cedar wood

 The apple tree we moved from out back a year or 2 ago,
Is Really thriving
very happy

 Heaven for Bracken
 He Loves the Water
 A reminder
A new Magnet

Another magnet, Goddess

Lapis Inlay Raven

Magnetic Reminder

Guess what?

Better believe it

 Our Booth at Market... Lots of stuff
Like I say, we've been busy
Healing Salve, Baby Salve, Tooth Powder

Tons of earrings.... Saving us at Market

Essential oil Incredible Blends in really cool wooden /glass lined containers
Lip Balm we make

Turquoise in Myrtle

 Amazing Wood

Been making Lots of buttons

More dancing Fairies

More Buttons


Horseradish 4 year old

Love this strain of Lettuce

Bright Lights Chard

Celery for seed

Reaching up to the Sun

Tiger Eye in Spalted Myrtle

Going for a Ride

Bracken's always helping

Stone button

A Button I made out of some old Ivory

Another one...soaked in Tea to stain

Yew wood...beautiful

Old Ivory Tree

What keeps us goin...Home made gelatin

More new products we grow and harvest

Cut the Chive, Man.

Workin in the Garden

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  1. WOW... such wonderfulness! Life is good.
    What a great place to have a meditation hut!
    Much love to you.



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