Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some of this weeks Creations

Last Week some customers suggested that I make some two finger wood rings.  They showed me some on their phone/internet that were insanely expensive, like $700. So I made some, only nicer, but we're going to sell them for $35.00
700.00$, gimme a break.    
 This week went crazy fast.
Didn't have time to drill the buttons.
So they are staying home.
 Ran out of ear wires so gonna buy some in Eugene and put em on at Market.
Also finished up 15 "Love" pendants for our friend Cedar, made from an apricot tree that his Mom planted..
The tree finally died...  and the pendants are for Family, in memory of his Mom.
 Here's a two finger ring made out of some Bi-Color Mountain Mahogany set with Turquoise.

 I like the Big Oak earrings that still have moss on em.
Have some really nice Sassafras, Buckthorn and Cedar ones too.

 I got five trees carved this week. 
You can never have enough trees.
I strung two of them after this picture was taken.

Here's hopin for a good Market...
They are talkin rain next weekend.

Hope to see you locals there.

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  1. no rain here getting dry. you could probably be a good in house artist for anyone who needs artistic designs. with that level of abilities. as good as anything seen anywhere. maybe you could be in house in your own place rather than work for someone. any kind of artistic design , at the level of any of the designers that make tons of cash. who knows-



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