Monday, May 21, 2012

Vegetarianism.. Carnivores .Omnivorism

Humans are complex creations.

They thrive under certain circumstances.

And Wither under others.

The Human diet is what lies at the Heart of Good
or Ill Health.

Are we taught Nutrition in schools?

The little we are told,
Is Lies.

Most humans in the "Civilized" world
Are Ill.

And most of em don't even know it,

not until there is some intense outward manifestation of it.

 But their Arteries are clogging up.

Their intestines and colons have been permeated
by Nasty little buggars
who have ousted the Good Guys
who are meant to live there and keep the human healthy.
Their bloodstreams flooded by foods that are seen as Invaders.
Diseases of inflammation like Heart Disease
and Joint problems
side effects of the body trying to rid itself of perceived
and real

The mental and physical disorders are almost all 
coming from a messed up digestive tract. 
 Because food was never meant to get through the walls of the Intestines and into the bloodstream,
without being broken down first.  

The diet most of us were built upon...
Was toxic Waste.
Vegetables laden with deadly chemicals.
Factory farm "Meat", eggs, and "Milk".
 Deadly "Food" at the heart of the "Civilized" Diet.
Grains that Humans are not designed to Process within their bodies,
except maybe in very small amounts.

And even when we ate "good food"

full of Nutrients...

Our systems were unable to retrieve those nutrients from the foods.

Lot's of foods have good nutrients...

But there are very defined ways that our bodies go about removing those nutrients from those foods.

And Civilized Humans have lost much of that ability.

I had heartburn every day of my Life.
For a good 40 years..
My Joints would hurt...
I had a ton of "energy"
But it was Nervous Energy..
Not grounded.....
 i was in Manic Mode for most of forty years ,
still just coming out of it with
a decent diet.

But my heartburn and Gerd now is gone almost entirely..
(except if I eat maybe a whole cup of fat in one sitting).
And my immobile joints are now no longer sore, 
and are loose, not all tight.

And in our Home growing up
 we were "protected "
from  nasty germs with Lysol,

And Pine Sol

and a whole host of toxic products.

We ate sugar coated sugar for breakfast.

I lived on sugar.

Haven't had any for about 33 years now.

 Wore deodorant for maybe 40 years..
Toxic Aluminum going right into the bloodstream..
Then pop some Rolaids for the never ending heartburn,
also full of toxic aluminum.
Then have a nice glass of Fluoride and chlorine.
Two of the most toxic substances on the planet...
Every day, bathin in it.
 mercury in our teeth
Deadly Vaccinations filled with toxins... 

Hard to belive I'm still alive..

And each generation is getting weaker and weaker.

So many people can't have kids these days..

When we go to town

I see how the "Norm"

is incredibly poor Health...

But this society is SOOOO far from Healthy
that no one really knows what that is any more.
They think as long as they aren't in some major pain
right now
They are fine...

I grew up in a household of chain smokers...
Breathing that second hand smoke in all day long.
And my Dad lived to battle the insect kingdom..
And the Weeds..
And Monsanto was his ally. 
Armed with pressurized sprayer
 not an inch was left 
un "Protected". 
I remember hearing the Plants screaming

And it was a slow death
and they screamed and screamed.
And I told my Dad I wished he could find a quicker way...

Course he probably thought I was crazy,
Hearing the Plants scream..

But then he did encounter my "Plant Talking Machine"

Though I'm sure he blocked that out..

So as humans drowning in this sea of toxins
that our bodies were never meant to cope with...

If we're lucky we see through the Big Lie that they are selling us.

We stop eating their "food".

Stop using their Body and household products,

stop being vaccinated ... 

Stop being afraid.

We start eating as our bodies require...

We begin to feed our bodies what they need.

Now there are three basic types of human diet.

There are Carnivores, Vegetarians,

And Omnivores.

And each of these groups of people
have certain "Group Attributes". 


First off we must make a distinction...

Not everyone who eats meat,
Is a carnivore....
(some are Omnivores).

Me want SEX
Me want Woman Now...
Then a really good meal..

"Me Want..."

"Me Desire..."

"Me Need.."

"Me Strong"

"Me Not Afraid"  (Denial)

The Carnivore lives mostly in the Center at the base of the Spine...
and other lower centers...
The Will
the Power
The Drive
The Desire.. 

And All For ME ME ME ME. 

They are very grounded...

Rather than Think their way through Life..

They "Feel" their way.

They are well and strongly connected 
to the Earth that they live upon.

If you crave an intelligent conversation....

Forget about the Carnivore...

You want some crazy wild sex
 and a hearty sense fulfilling meal.
Look em up.

There are the Vegan/Vegetarians.

Who won't eat meat

or animal products.

A Keynote Term 

or archetypal phrase for most Vegetarians is,

"High Ideals"

Vegetarians have figured it all out

what is best for the World

and for the Human body.

They Know that their path is the "High Road"

They see it as the "Ideal".

"High Ideals" .

The Vegetarian lives in his Head....

and the emotions fueled by his/her head.

They are centered in the centers above the Heart.

The Throat...and Head.

They have excellent Minds..

And communicate fairly well their thoughts and feelings.

But they are disconnected from the Lower Centers..

I've never met a Grounded Vegetarian..

I've met plenty who would say they are...

But, like everything else,

It's just in their head..

Their feet are three feet off the ground.

They relate to the world through their ideas about it..
and unlike the Carnivore.

Are disconnected from the Planet they Live upon.

They "feel" what their heads tell them to feel.

Vegetarians are great to talk to if you are needing to find
someone intelligent to talk to.

Because they have a looser connection to themselves,

they often are very much more "global" in their concerns...

unlike the Carnivore

 who is ME ME ME. 

But they are lost in their ideas...

and ideals,

and have lost the Connection to what

Simply IS. 

The Vegetarian...

and the Carnivore..

Are lacking Balance. 

So, is it the diet that feeds the Type,

or the Type,

that feeds the diet?

What came first,
The Sex Fiend

or the carnivore diet?

The Vegetarian Diet..

or the Free Floating Idealist?

The Third Type 
The Omnivore:

In Between the two extremes,
of the Carnivore
and the Vegetarian

is the Omnivore..

The Oldest Blood

is Blood type O

And these folks

tend to be omnivores.

OH, something I should mention...

Not all Vegetarians
 are on a Vegetarian diet...

And not all Carnivores
 are on a Carnivore diet.

Our surroundings and up upbringings

can lead us in different directions from

what we are..

Omnivores eat what the Human body thrives upon,
Meat, Fish, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Bugs...

They tend to live from the Heart...

They have the High Ideals of the Vegetarian

But their feet are on the ground
so their ideals are based upon something real
and of this Place where our bodies reside,
not of something in the "realm of ideas".

Not the Base like the Carnivore
or the Head like the Vegetarian..
But centered between it All
in the Heart.

And including the Base and the Head...



You know I bet more Vegetarians die of strokes..

But more Carnivores die of Heart Attacks.

Now if the diet Breeds the Type..

Wouldn't it be best for most folks to seek the Balance.

and become Omnivores.

But maybe the Type

breeds the diet.

In which case folks gonna be Unhealthy..

I see the end of this...

And it's really not much different than the little individual ends
we each encounter when we pass from life to life.

And there are these souls I have always called, "The Keepers."

They were tied to the Earth.

They were built into Her lines.

They helped maintain the Garden (you could say)

They knew,"Heaven on Earth".

And I don't think there is one vegetarian amongst them.

Then there is what in Don Juan's terminology you might call,

"The Eagles Fodder".

The ones who Re Merged

With the "All Mind".

You see there is this deep seated spiritual/religious belief

That God is Mind

Is the All Mind.

And anyone who has experienced being one with this "All Mind"
Would probably vouch for that idea.

The "Light"

Nuthin Like it..

A Blissful, all encompassing ecstatic Eternity...

A joy beyond imagination....

But you know what.....

That ain't God  ..

It's a cold Ecstasy .

Mind but no Heart...

And in the end I see the Keepers

Living in the Perfect Garden..

And some others floating up into the All Mind and disappearing...

And others descending into a Hell

created from their Fears.

Before it All begins again

there is an Eternity

In the blink of an eye..

And where we end up there,

depends upon our "nature".

And our "Nature"
Is dependent very much

Upon our diet.


  1. nutrient dense foods like trail mix ,protein ,vegetables will be more economical. those tasty snacks are attractive but they waste funds. you arent fully nourished. on another note, someone said that if you feel scattered, become more scatered because you cannot get lost in the universe. you cant get lost in the eternal self, there has never been anything ''else''.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Often I have tried to explain my commitment to an organic paleo diet; my belief that food is the elemental seed which can heal or devastate. Your musings regarding Carnivores/Vegetarians/Omnivores perfectly encapsulates my feelings on these three types in an expressive and crisp way. Thank You.

  3. Hey Maressa, Yep, The most sensible diet....the one that is really what you would call the "Human diet" I agree is a more Paleo diet. That is pretty much what we're on, plus some. As I mentioned I had heartburn and GERD for 40 years, after switching to that diet I don't have it like I used to, very seldom in fact. It just makes sense that people should eat the most natural and simple diet, and science has proven without a doubt that we need Animal fats to thrive. We know so many Vegans who can't have children.... that's crazy.



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