Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buttons and Trees and a Nap

Busy busy week

Sometimes a Nap will save ya.

The Buttons aren't drilled yet, 
will be by Saturday, 
but won't have any more time for pics between now and then.
Some amazing woods.
9 Tree carvings for Jannelle
that she'll put on her amazing purses.  
Here's her site.

4 trees for our shop
A bunch of buttons

Have some new woods that are just amazing
Right from the property here.
Bunch of earrings and some necklace blanks

 On the right there above is some Red Alder that some folks call Cherry Wood.
I cut just a select section out of the middle of the branch.
It looks like a Picture Jasper.
Have a variety of woods in the tree carvings.
The Sassafras was very hard to carve cross grained
because the brown is sooo hard
and white pretty soft.
The whitish one in the middle is Mesquite..
So freakin hard the diamonds had a hard time carving it...
I love the windblown tree on the bottom in spalted Myrtle wood.

 The White buttons are Holly
I had to skin off the bark right after I cut it
or else the wood turns an ugly grey.
As it is it looks like ivory.
 Birdseye Maple Burl
Red Cedar
Mountain Mahagony

 Below The Red Alder
Maple burl
Maple Burl

Some Mountain Mahagony
Birdseye Maple Burl

 The Mountain Mahagony Cab below I'm going to carve a tree down in.
Then set a Sunstone on the Horizon.
Looks like a desert Sunrise.
 Cool Shape Sassafras
 Spme Beech wood from the front yard
 Earring and Necklace blanks

In Yew Wood

Bi Color Mountain Mahogany

Trees for Jannelle

Spalted Myrtle

Mountain Mahagony

Busy week and it aint over yet.
Got a guy coming over tomorrow to look at some trees
we need removed so the neighbor can get his new House towned into place.
They hang over the part of our driveway he shares.
and that Mobile home he has is HUGE.
Gotta get loaded up for the weekend
Drill the earrings,
Make loops and put em on.
Drill the buttons so Taryn can put em on cards..
Been gettin a lot of planting done.
Garden's looking good..
Cept for the damn Moles.
The skunk I saved,
killed one for me....
Still a couple left tearing the place up
I used some of the castor oil repellant

I think they ate that for dinner...


  1. Wow, wow, wow, amazing work Jeff!
    Indeed, a nap can save ya... what a wonderful photo.
    What wonderful woods you have used. Wood is so beautiful... it must be a priviledge to work with it, just wonderful I imagine.
    Hope those moles are gone soon!

  2. Thanks Trish, Yep, I love wood and it is a priviledge to work with it. I'm gonna have to put out a trap for the moles, unless the skunk will get busy.



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