Monday, June 11, 2012

Clay and Henna in Paradise

Every Year we have a "Clay Day"
It's usually in the middle of Summer.
This year I think we'll have a few.
This year we blended it with some Neutral Henna.

Painting yourself, or rolling in thick clay
then lettin it dry in the hot sun
SUCKS impurities out of your body.

A long time ago I did an experiment with different clays.
There was a Yellow clay that  after you washed it off
there would be red lines on your body
following meridians where your body is having problems.
Soooo Beautiful

We pretty much never take days off from Work...
But yesterday we took some time for ourselves.
Tried not to think of everything that needs to be done...
 It was Wonderful
Pre Clay... Neutral Henna
 Taryn has wanted me to try some hair Henna for years

so yesterday we all did it..

Beauty in Clay

Earth Boy

too cute

 What a Glorious Day

 OH, here's a couple of carrot folks
 we found at Farmers Market on Saturday
If you wanna do something really good for yourself

Try taking a Clay Day..



  1. that looks SO FUN!!

    love the carrot folks, too ;)

  2. What a glorious day... I want a clay day!

  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures from your paradise.
    I often think your ancestors must have been wedrussians.
    Do you know Wladimir Megre and his Anastasia books?

    I would highly recommend these, you can google about the theme too and you will find a lot of YOU:)

    Greetings over the ocean,

  4. Thanks Heike, I have heard of those books , I think Taryn read one someone lent her, waiting for the Library to get them. .
    Greetings and Blessings back to you.



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