Monday, July 16, 2012

Health of Body...and Soul

I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday.
 We were talkin about diet and certain things related to Health.
And I thought about how Ironic it is
that the most destruction that has been done to the Health of the human race.
Has come from their attempts to Control Health in Unnatural ways.
The fact is, as Doctors have known for thousands of years,
only have they recently forgotten,
that good health 
begins in the Gut. 

The Flora of Millions of fungi and bacteria
that live there
are what determine the quality of our Health.
And just as the Indigenous Mothers knew not to bathe for long periods before giving birth,
In order that their children would be introduced to the world of Bacteria and fungi, etc. in which they would come to
live and breathe and have their being.
And that those children born this way 
were the healthiest, the strongest.

But we have lost that..

We try to create sterile environments.
We destroy a Healthy gut with Antibiotics
Chlorine and Flouride in the water
and processed foods.
So Many  children are fed Sterile Concoctions
Full of Unhealthy CRAP
instead of Healthy Breast Milk.

Humans have lost their Balance with Nature.
Through fear of natural processes..
They have separated themselves from Health.

They have destroyed the Balance of Bacteria within themselves.
Saying, "this one is Bad,
and this one is Good"
And they strive to Kill the Bad,
yet do nothing to promote the "good".
When the fact is,
when it is in Balance
Is the only way Health is possible.

There is no Bad or Good
When it is Balanced.
The system maintains itself in a healthy manner..
as soon as we stop trying to control it
based upon our fears and judgments.

And it occured to me how this attitude towards
the micro flora of our bodies.

This imposing our intellect and judgments upon it in an attempt to control it.
According to our self created fears about it..

Is pretty much how folks approach the world as a whole.

We fear Bacteria..

We fear Muslims...

Muslims fear us...

We place our dualistic judgments upon everything from our gut flora..and germs and microbs..

Right up to Races and Religions of the world.

People get all worked up about Sports teams
 Four Cheeses Rice Cakes !

And all this does is bring distress,
to our lives
to our world
to our Health.

Once we understand that
Once we get beyond the dualistic Judgments
 with which we define ourselves
and the world we are part of...

Then and only then will we find health.

There is no Vaccination,
 no antibiotic, 
no Miracle cure for Cancer...

The key to Health

Is Balance Within it ALL.

As long as we subscribe to a dualistic approach to life..
This is Good
this is Bad
This I desire
This I fear..

There will be Sickness
There will be Pain.

Of Body

and of the Spirit of the World.

We must learn that we can't Fight off disease.

Or whatever we Fear..

That the battle only sustains it..

And that Loving Acceptance of All that Is.

Is the key to Health.

And Like it or not...

That's the way it is.

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