Sunday, July 22, 2012

True Freedom

True Freedom

and Emotion
Can be easily controlled by "external" forces. 

The Intellectual
And the Emotional person
Will never find Freedom.
And will forever be the Slaves
of the world around them.

What can not ever be controlled
is the Intuition
(common sense)
And the Heart.

If we learn to perceive the world around us
through our Intuition
and love.
(not talkin about "emotional Love" here, )
We will be Free to make our decisions in Life
Based on What is..

Not what we have been led to think is.

Or what we've been led to "Feel" is.

Every day online
on places like Facebook
and in replies to "News" posts on Yahoo
I see people who have been Led into Unhealthy eating habits
and voting habits
and thought and emotional habits.

All contrary to health,

and Freedom.

But all serving the desires of a very few
rich and demented individuals.

Yet since it was Their Emotions
and their Minds that were controlled.

They believe that their choices were their own.

We are surrounded by a media system
that is controlled by a very few.
And these few have a very well defined agenda.

In a nutshell this agenda is to become very very rich,

and to use Hypnotized Sheep 
that are sleep walking 
as slaves toward their ends. 

These few individuals also control
 the major Governments of the World.

The sheep believe they live in a Democracy
because they can choose...
From a very limited number of people
Who will Rule them.

They don't consider that they were not the ones to choose
who they have to choose from.

The election this year is a Great example.
We have Obama
who has totally sold out to the worst of the Corporations.
And Romney..
who IS one of the few
who control who you can choose from.

He's a big part of the problem
that Obama sold out to.

There's your choice Americans...

You can choose between these two
who Big Money has chosen for you..

And you call this a Democracy..?

Time to Wake Up!

Let go of the Fear they use to control you.

Let go of all the emotional CRAP
they throw at you from the media..
All the ,"talking heads",
that'll convince your minds that things like
going into soverign nations killing everyone

Convince you that taking your money
 every year
 to finance these Wars on Humanity

Convince you that taking your hard earned money
and the money of your children and Grandchildren
to give to the Bankers who are already sickeningly rich,
is somehow in your best interest.

Convince you that shooting the most toxic substances into your bloodstream
is somehow good for your health.

Convince you that genetically modifying your food,
so that it destroys slowly so many of your body functions,
is somehow good for society.

Convince you that putting 
another of the most toxic substances on the planet
into your water
is good for your teeth,
even though they know  that taken internally
 it destroys your teeth..
 and bones, 
and liver
 and ...

Convince you that eating grains
most of them genetically modified
in large amounts,
is somehow better than eating the diet
 that humans were made to eat,
is somehow good for you and the planet...
and that losing touch with Nature...
is somehow the "Compassionate" alternative.

Controlled through the Intellect

and Emotion

the masses have allowed themselves to fall into a stupified Slavery.

All the while thinking they are Free
and that they live in a Democratic society 
where they have a say over their lives.

Told what to Consume
told who to Hate
Told what think
told what to believe.

Time to Wake Up..

Find your Intuition

Find your Common sense

Find your Love..

And be Free.


  1. Wonderful words but scarey!! Being complacent we have allowed this to happen!! What is the meaning of your beautiful carving in the last picture? Beautiful.

  2. Hi, It's the OM symbol. Basically the sound of the vibration of everything that is.



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