Thursday, July 19, 2012

Future Creations, so many cool woods

Here's a bunch of future buttons and such I just finished cabbing up.
Some very amazing woods 
All wet, out in the rain.

In the Center below is some Paper White Birch.
I'll call that ,"Cosmic Shroom"
Around it are some Fossilized Walrus Tusk Pieces
The Dark is some Ironwood Burl
a guy we know who lives on a boat
in Mexico, got in the desert.

The Large "Wing" ones are Myrtlewood
will be earrings.
Top middle Birdseye Maple burl
below that White Birch
then cedar.
The bi color brown and white is Hawthorne
Pink and white is Red Cedar
 Here we have some burly black walnut
and Maple burl
 The one in the front is made from a scrap from our Drummaker friend Charity at Slap Happy Drums
See her store here.
Big one on the left is some of that Ironwood Burl
Rare piece with the Light shinyness.
The one on the right is also very rare for the color
It was a branch on our flowering plum
That was damaged in a wind storm.
Then become all multi colored...
soo cool
 The two yellowish ones on top are Yew wood from the bush in our yard the goats destroyed.
The yellow one on the right is Buckthorn,
scrap from Thurman, or broom maker friend.
The ones on the bottom are Hickory, from Thurman Scraps

 Cosmic Shroom
The flip side is equally cool

 Close-up of the Ironwood
Will make an amazing button
 Red cedar
Bottom right is Oak

Well that some new stuff that'll be buttons and necklaces and earrings soon.


  1. These are beautiful!! I have always preferred wood above silver or gold. Could you sometimes write about the steps you go through to get a piece of scrap wood or tree branch to this beautiful & useful stage. I enjoy your blogs. Mary Ann

  2. Thanks Mary Ann. First I cut the wood to best show off the grain, color and designs. Then I sand them on 4 different grits, then buff them on two polishes, finishing with an eyeglass polish. I have a mix of walnut oil, carnuba wax and shellac from bugs that I put on some of them, then buff off. The sanding takes quite a while because I dome most of them a bit, so it's not just sanding a flat surface which is very fast and easy...but not as nice.



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