Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amazing Dream

It's now 3:30 AM.  I just had this dream and wanted to write it down:

I was at some Function
This woman we know was there being her all self important self.

She's Rich and thinks she's above everyone else..
She has her,”Causes” which she is very …..
self important about...

I had something to tell her about Frequency (of vibration)
and how it related to something that was the reason for this Function that was going on supposedly
to find a solution to some Problem.

I knew the solution..

But she didn't really want an answer...

Just wanted to be Important.

So in this room full of Women (they were all women and were kind of irritated that I (a man) was even there..... even though I had the answer they supposedly were all looking for...)
The solution to the problem that their “Function” was supposedly there to address.

The woman was walking by me (above me in her self importance)
and ignoring me.
(It just occurred to me that I was small in the dream...
my vantage point was one of a child's)

So I screamed her name at the top of my Lungs in this room full of women.

I was loudly screaming and she was still trying to ignore me and talk over me.... but finally she couldn't, I was too loud and irritating.

I just laughed and said straight out the reason I had screamed it, how it was the only way to get through to her...to stop her in her self importance for a second, because I had the solution....

And it was then I realized that they didn't really want a solution to this Problem that they were all supposedly there to ….. help solve.
It was just all show, just another reason to get together and feel important.
And the reality was if they had the solution....
 it would remove their reason for feeling so Important...

So I knew I'd just be wasting my breath...
and piss em off even more.

Then I saw a teenage girl in the room,
Kind of Goth Like
she was freaking out and everyone was ignoring it.

Something about her fingernails being infected...

But I knew that wasn't it.

There wasn't anything wrong with her fingernails.

Then I saw a little boy, crying..and like rolling into a little ball..... withdrawing within himself .

I told the girl I'd help her.

I spoke to her soul and she heard...

I picked up the little boy and all three of us went in to another room.

It was like a balcony in a theater..

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, (that's why I'm sitting awake here now writing this at 3:00 am)...but I didn't want to leave them alone.

So I asked the girl if she'd take care of the boy until I got back.....
I knew they'd be good company for each other..

I could see into their souls...... and I wanted them to know that.

I wanted them to know I wasn't just another,”grown-up” who was going to feed them a line of Jive and send them away.

Then I said to them,

“People don't like people who ask questions they can't answer.”

“Most people live in small boxes where they feel safe...
where they think they know everything.
But if you ask them a question,
outside of that box
it threatens their feeling of safety...of security.

And they don't like you.”

Then I knew that they understood 
that I wasn't just another jive adult
handing them some Jive Line just to get rid of em...

They knew I understood the source of their Turmoil.

And I was the first one who ever had.

I knew they'd still be there 
when I came back from going to the bathroom,

because finally there was someone who actually understood them.

And finally I didn't feel so all alone either.

They were in turmoil because they lived outside of the box that their parents and everyone else they knew lived in..... 

They saw so much more than their parents....

But whenever they asked their parents
 to explain what they were seeing.....

They were treated like they were crazy.

But Now
Suddenly we could all relax a little.

Because we weren't completely alone there outside of the box..

And it was going to be OK. 


  1. Wow! Much food for thought in these words. Your dream is full of wisdom, & I'm glad that your wrote it down & shared it. I enjoy your blog. Mary Ann

  2. Thanks Mary Ann, yep it was a deep one, still seeing stuff from it.

  3. I love the part "people don't like questions they can't answer". I had a defining point in my life going to college (it was expected of me) where I had asked a question in philosophy class about a grade I had received on a paper that was about my own personal spirituality, he had given me a C. The only reason he could give was mine wasn't "just like his", that was the day I decided I was no longer going to school. And I stood up in class and announced "you know people like you are the kind of people that start wars". I see that man from time to time, and he almost runs and hides from me in public, sort of funny. I really like the insight this dream had. I only wish I could remember my dreams.

    1. Good for you speaking your truth..
      I know what you mean, I went back to college and took a course in Metaphysics. I aced all my tests until I criticized some of the teachers favorite philosophers. She gave me a b- because she didn't like me disagreeing with her. I ended up getting a B in that class, if it wasn't for that I would have had a perfect 4.0 for my whole college experience..... She was a horrible teacher, once told a guy in class that he needed to take LSD.....



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