Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Berry Nice Day

It was a berry nice Day
We went and met our friend April and her 
sweet amazing daughter at a Blueberry Farm
up the McKenzie River.
It's about 2 hours away from here,
we normally don't travel that far..
especially with gas prices these days.
But we wanted to get together with these folks and
Taryn went there last year and saw a cob building
that she's wanted me to see since then..
 April and Hazel pulled in just before us. 
(they live near there)

We got strapped and bucketed up and headed out to pick.
Bracken had his own little bucket.

Taryn said she wanted a picture of me Picking..

 OH ! That PICKING !

Bracken showing me his score of blueberries.

 It was real good picking.
This is April and Baby Hazel.. 
Wonderful Spirits..
 Beautiful Taryn and Bracken.
Glad she got to pose next to a Sunflower ...
 And for almost a whole 5 minutes..
I lay in a Hammock.
While they saw the Critters.

I never Rest.
Full tilt boogie every day..
till I drop.
It's the way I've always been.
But when I do Relax....

I can cram hours of Relaxation into seconds..

It works out well that way.
 April took this Pic of Me and My Honeys.
Bracken WAY past nap time..
and being so good.

 The Women
The Babies
The Smiles
The Shining Hearts.
We were there until around noon,
then we stopped off at April and Brads house..
He came home from fishing..
And we visited just a teeny little,
because we had 2 days of town chores to get into half a day.
So we had a lovely visit at their Beautiful home in the woods.

Then got on with our chores.
wood store
Print Shop in Office Depot, or Office Max or something.
Lapidary store
Post Office
Chicken Skewers for lunch.
(on a full belly of Blueberries.
Too tired to remember what else.
OH yeah, the Farm store
got 25 lbs. of Medium Cukes
10 pounds of small cukes
and a 10 pound bag of beets..

Lots of Crocking to do tomorrow.

April and Brad Gifted us some Salmon
and some fresh Eggs...

Two of the best gifts we could ever get.

I baked the Salmon.
Set it on a bed of pork fat that I got the lard out of.
Then put some sauce left over from breakfast.

 Then I had one of my Food Inspirations
I grated Cucumber and Carrot
Cut up some fresh blueberries..
not a whole lot since we'd eaton pounds already today.
Then I sprinkled it with Lime Juice and a little honey... and some Dill Powder.

It was Perfect with the Fish.

Thank you Brad and April..

Thank you Life for another wonderful action packed day..

Then Bracken and I hung out a while while Taryn did computer stuff..
Then I went out to my shop and got a lot done..
Now I'm ready for bed...

But first I want to tell you about Bracken's amazing skill..

in another post..

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