Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bracken, Master of Balance

OK, so we already knew that Bracken was the Cutest and Smartest baby in the world.
I'm sure there are some folks who might dispute this... But it's just because they are parents...
and you know how parents get about there kids.
Always thinking theirs are the cutest and smartest...

That's just how parents are,
so you can't blame them for it.

But anyway,
Bracken is the Cutest and smartest...
but what has just recently totally blown my mind.
Is his, I guess you call it 
Spacial skills..
and his balance.

It's just so wild.
He'll take blocks,
and stack them one after the other on top of each other..
But each one he stacks is just on the edge of falling over..
Then he'll puut another..
And I'm looking at it thinking..
No way it'll stand

And it does, and he does another
Right on the Edge
But it balances.

And each time he gives me a look...
And then when he's stacked all the blocks
In a fashion that by everything I can tell
He laughs and gives me a High Five.
He just keeps going Up and Up

He just seems to have the feel for it when it is Balanced...
but he likes to put it where if any piece were just a hairs breath moved...
it would all fall down..

I think I need to make him some kind of balance bar...
he loves balancing himself of precarious furniture.

And tonight there were these three blocks
not like these in the pics.
They were made by a guy we know.
Long and skinny

And I asked Bracken to bring them over to me.
I saw him figure out that there was 3 things
and he only had 2 hands.
So for just a second he hesitated.
Then he stacked them.
Then held one on the bottom.
And pushed the top one against his chin.
And carried them over that way.

He gets kind of obsessed with containers.
How they open
how much you can put in them
and what size can you possibly fit in it.
And several times now he has put an object
into another object that
I tried....
And swear it couldn't fit.

He got em in though.

Course I had to actually cut one out..
And another I had to dry in the sun so the shrinkage would give me the ability to get it out.

It's amazing.

I don't know any grown up with skill like he has..
Maybe some Circus Performers some where....

Pretty amazing.

That's my Boy


  1. That is pretty amazing alright! There is something in store for this little boy when he grows up!
    What a doll.................Aunt Isla

  2. He is gifted...Nikola Tesla was gifted as well!

  3. Thanks Aunt Isla, and Brian...Yep he's an amazing little wonder.



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