Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Day

Started off the day by harvesting.
Kale, lettuce, chard..
There's a lot more beans in the baskets,
 herbs (oregano,thyme,sage, and comfrey).
I also picked a whole bunch of Marigold Flowers,
and cut the petals off to dry for dye.

 I finally winnowed out a bunch of sprouting seeds I saved last year.
Arugula,watercress and Dock.
Also put away another peanut butter jar full of kale seeds.
 I put a bunch of Kale in our breakfast
a bunch in the fridge...about 3 meals worth (stuff sure shrinks)
And I pounded up a bunch for kale chips.
This time I squeezed in some of our home grown garlic..

Also loaded zukes into the dehydrator.

And here is some wood I've been cabbing up.

Amazingly beautiful...
Rare coloring:

I call it the Martian Sunrise Collection.
This is just a sample:

To me this looks like a beautiful Japanese painting.

A hill in the foreground,
suns coming up from behind.
a storm cloud just clearing away..

These will be earrings..
They Blow me away

Here's some more

This wood below is also a rare piece.
It's from the flowering Plum Tree out front.
The snow crunched down a branch...
twisting and bending it.
The damage created the patterns and colors.
I'm making earrings out of these.

 Then after making a really good lunch
I finished cabbing up the biggest batch of wood I've ever done at one time.
It's taken a few days.
Amazing stuff..

Then we cleaned and crocked up 35 pounds of cucumbers..
and some grape leaves.

It's been a long time since we ran out of last years pickles..
I'm going to need to find someone giving an old Fridge away.
We eat so much fermented foods..
and canning it kills the good guys which is why we eat it.
And right now we have 4 1/2 gallons of Kraut and another gallon of some mixed fermented veggies.
Fills up the fridge fast.

Bracken helped me organize pots in the garden area..

He blew me away..
He started stacking all the right ones with each other.
By Himself
It was his idea..

So I thought, well OK
we'll do that now..
He really was helpful.. 

He's not even 2 and he really wants to help out with everything.
Amazes me.
Sweet little smart cutie.

I just got a bunch of work lined up for tomorrow.
Now I'm ready to relax a bit. 

I hope you had a beautiful full day too.

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  1. wow, I really like the effects of this wood, it's beautiful! I look forward to seeing them in stores!



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