Monday, August 27, 2012

Future Creations and Harvest

Been really busy this week doing Prep work

for earrings.

 More future earring material. Cedar ones going to a Cedar shop/Chaga house.
More earrings.  Look at the cool set of allpewood that looks like a desert scene with mesa's.
 Large pieces for Inspirational Magnets/signs
 Future Maple Heart buttons, earrings, magnets and Ebony "Fairy Wings" for a gallery in Bend.
 For the cedar shop, future necklaces
 Earrings and Buttons

A few things gleaned from the garden this morning..

Silence is the Key to Peace and Inspiration.

Don't worry about the Wrongs you perceive in the World.

Add to what is Right in the world..

And Feed the Joy..

Feed the Joy!

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