Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bracken's Extreme Cuteness, Peaches, Blueberry Plants and buttons.

Eyes that can See Into Your Soul 

 Joy on a Summer Day



New Hat Momma Made
Little berry face


100 Pounds of Peaches

Froze a bunch... I love em 
Winter Sunshine

I Pureed some and froze em in a Cupcake pan 

I tend to run Hot
So any time I can cool it down
Makes me real Happy

I Pureed some with coconut milk and some Pineapple.
Froze it...
Don't have a picture of that though.

 I got up real early one morning and Planted six wonderful Blueberry plants in the Yard.
About 16 more to figure where to put in the ground.
Made a trade for goats a while back,
Taryn did it on an inspiration...
Now we have a bunch of very strong Blueberry plants.
In pots...
Maybe 10 in the ground...
about 16 to go..
I dug nice wide foot deep (go shallow for Blueberries) Holes
Put A huge amount of compost..
(Ground here is all clay, gotta make the soil)
Gave em all a good shot of Azomite.
(Miracle food for plants, animals, and humans. )
and Some Organic Blueberry Ferts we scored when the bag had been torn and was put on Sale 1/2 Price...
Then it was discounted another 20%...
we got it for just about nothing.

OH Here's a tip for you Gardner's.
If you don't have time to blend your own ferts
Check out your local garden supply store
 and find an organic Lawn fertilizer.
It comes in big bags...
and it's the same stuff they sell it little boxes
for practically the same amount amount of money as the big bags.... as Garden Fertilizer. 

Made some buttons for our Friend Jannelle
Master BagMaker.
I have a lot going on right now.
A Gallery in Bend I need to stock with High End stuff really quick..

Another friend is opening a Cedar Store and Chaga ? shop"
I'm gonna stock her up with all sorts of stuff.
I have one large sign to make,
for a trade we made last Christmas..
And a butter mold top press for the mold I made for the Decks, at Deck Family Farm...
We're trading that Butter mold for some good free range grass fed organic meats...and soon, eggs.
Two small signs that say,"Go Barefoot"... I think that's what it's supposed to say, I have it written down.
A bunch of earrings and buttons in the works.
Some mind blowing wood.
A necklace earring set that looks like a painting of mesa's in the desert, with the sun coming up..
Some of that recent Apple Burl score .
A bunch of Magnets with Sayings and Words carved in them.
Gettin the wood shed cleared out so I can start moving the wood in.
(Been drying it in the sun)
Lot's more to cut and split..
Keeping the Garden Happy...
It's been keeping us happy.
Loving cucumbers
We have I think it's 35 pounds of Pickles in a 10 Gallon Crock Fermenting away..
But now were getting a bounty of Fresh eating cukes from the Garden.
I've been slicing em and putting them in a Apple Cider Vinegar and Himalayan Sea Salt Brine..With Garlic and fresh green crushed Coriander Seed, taken fresh off the plant..
Bracken and Taryn just eat em and eat em.
So do I...

Been collecting seed....
Have 3 Sunflower Butter Jars full of Kale seed..
Been picking marigold flowers and cutting off the petals and drying them for Dye.
And some Coreopsis  for dye.
Getting lots of different Mints and putting them in our Sun Tea.
Reminds me I have to bottle up some Kombucha.
I made 2 Gallons in a crock with a spigot..

It was so funny,
Taryn kind of screamed just a little bit..
There was this alien Life Form coming out of the top of the Kombucha crock...
Pushing up the lid a few inches..
It scared her for a moment..

I guess that Scoby had just the right conditions...
The Buche (as we lovingly call it)
was Fizzy....
and tasty.
I used Green Tea, and Earl Grey...

Now I need to put it in bottles so the carbonation can build up real good.
You just add a teeny bit of honey,
 then cap it.
Keep it in a warm place for a few days to a week or whatever,
depending on how active it is.
And it gets really carbonated...
(which for me is 3/4 of the point of the stuff)
Never mind the fact that it's so good for you...
Cold and Bubbly can make a day..

This batch is awesome...

OH Yeah, I have to make a bunch of Really Nice stuff for a Giveaway we're going to do on the SouleMama Blog.

And I have a set of Runes to carve..

A few more trees to get carved.

Tonight I inlaid 12 pairs of deer horn earrings, with Turquoise.

I made 2 pairs last week and both sold and a woman came back and wanted more...
So I've got 12 done and another 10 pairs cut out that I have to do..

I figured out this great way of doing it.
Had all 12 pairs sittin on a board.
Went down the line and inlaid large turquoise pieces I got over 30 years ago at the mine in Kingman.
Then I filled it in carefully with very fine turquoise dust...
( I had cut the holes extra deep for the big stones,
but didn't want to use up all my medium and small sized stones filling the gap between the top and bottom of the hole...
Then I put in medium sized stones... then very carefully
all down the line of 24 earrings I put in the fine turquoise "sand".
When I just about had em all done...
I bumped the board they were on and it all got jumbled up...

Then I had to try to make it all work..

The glue is drying now,
Tomorrow I'll sand and see.

 I gotta bring compost up from the bottom of the property.
Great exercise pulling that big Wheel Barrow up the hill.

I've been making at least 2 gourmet meals every day...
And usually before breakfast I make a Juice for all of us
With Greens, carrots, beets, and lately some apples
a farmer friend gave us, and whatever else I can find in the yard,
or we can trade for.

Plus I try to spend as much time with my precious family as I can...

So this is why I don't write here on this blog all the time....

I'm just a little busy.

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