Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some More Light shed on Vegetarianism

A Lot of very Good High Minded emotion filled folks
have made the decision to become Vegetarians.
They have different reasons for this choice.
Some are apalled by how Factory Farmed animals are treated.
Some feel killing an animal to eat it is wrong.

They have as I say based their decisions
 on some very high minded ideals.

But there is a problem with that.
Do you think the Genius Henry Ford
when he invented the car for the betterment of Humanity,
realized it would lead to the destruction of the ozone layer...
condemning the planet to a questionable future.
How about Louis Pasteur
do you think when he was inventing antibiotics
to ease the suffering of Mankind
that he knew it would lead to the diminished health of the entire populations of the world.
How about good ol Albert,
When he was messing with ideas of Relativity,
do you think he considered it would lead to the creation of a bomb capable of killing millions.

Here's my point:

High minded ideals are what has brought our Civilization to the point where it is today..
All the great advancements really just nails in the coffin of Humanity.

So I'm proposing that High Minded ideals,
really have no place in the Health of Humanity.

It is time to Silence our all mighty minds
to still our rampant emotions

and listen to our Intuition...

to Nature.

Humans are Omnivores.
Deviation from this Fact leads to poor Health..

Now here is the thing you should understand about the Mind and Emotions..

They are very easily Manipulated.

In fact you probably would not believe me if I told you that we are in a time where our thoughts and feelings are not entirely our own.

They are being manipulated constantly by the same forces that control the Governments of the world..

And not for our well being..

And the only way we can remain free, 
is to free ourselves of our thoughts and emotions
and begin listening to our souls.

Our souls will tell us that not one thing living
Lives without the death of another thing..
And this is as it is meant to be
this is Nature .

Our souls will tell us that the Life and Consciousness in a plant
Is the very same life and consciousness
in an animal. 
Taking the Life of a Plant
is taking the same life as when you take the life of an animal..

You gotta take Life
to have Life
That is the Law.

You don't like the evil of Factory Farms.

Who beyond those who profit from them does...

But don't deny your body it's needs..

Simply don't eat factory farmed meat.

Animals were meant to free range.

Only free range meat is Healthy.

Once upon a time a herd of buffalo could cover three states...
That's a lot of animals..
Did it destroy the environment..?

I am constantly spoken to by Vegetarians
as though I lack compassion
because I promote eating what humans are built to eat... namely Meat.
I have total compassion and.... respect for the animals...
that die to feed me. 

I think Vegetarians need to get out of their heads and emotions...
and listen to their souls...

And get some freakin animal fats into their bodies so they can thrive..
and think straight
and make healthy babies...

and stand against the manipulation that is being thrust upon them
to keep them unhealthy..
and paying into a system that needs them to be unhealthy.

I've been seeing a lot of lying CRAP,
probably originating from the Millions Monsanto is putting towards turning folks into Vegetarians.

One such bit of total CRAP was saying the the Pineal Gland
(which needs good animal fat to thrive)
atrophies with meat consumption...

Just a load of Lies that folks who are unaware of the truth buy into
because it backs up their mental/emotional decision to Starve themselves.

Another one talked about how meat lowers your vibration:
I responded to it here on this post.

Anyway I'd just like to say that I respect peoples choice not to eat meat..
We all have to learn things through experience.
And I've certainly had quite a few meatless lives...

But I've also learned that to be healthy
we have to accept what we are..
And we are Omnivores.


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