Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Hiearchy of LIFE

The Hierarchy of Life

This is a subject that,
 for many reasons,
 most humans just don't understand.

First of all there is the "educational system",
which teaches us about evolution,
 about all the different species that inhabit this planet,
and informs us that we humans are basically the top of the food chain..
the smartest..
the most advanced..
And then there are the animals....
then the plants, bugs,mosses, one celled animals etc.

And there is,"the Church",
which informs us that there is this Amazing Super Mega Super hero God that existed as some separate entity,
then decided to create everything else...
Which of course was inferior to Him..
And then there was The one and only Son of this Super Hero,
who was himself a superhero, but not quite as much as his Daddy,
but certainly more than his human Mother..
So These guys, and all the Angels they cavort around with
are all superior to the ignorant Humans...

Believe it or else!!

It's no wonder humans are so confused 
about one of the most basic issues;
The Hierarchy of Life.
So I'm here today to remove all that confusion that was imposed to keep the masses obedient to their Masters...
To keep the Hierarchy in it's place.

So here it is....
the absolute truth in just 4 words..

There is no Hierarchy of Life

Every single thing in creation is  
 EQUALLY important.
Equally Sacred
Equally imbued by the same
 LIFE that motivates all things. 

OKAY, sure the humans have more crap running around in their brains...
more mental and emotional noise that disconnects them from their Source...
And next we have Animals, which have more mental and emotional noise disconnecting them from their Source than do plants.
But personally I wouldn't equate "Superiority"
with disconnection from Source.
The absolute Truth is that we are not all separate things,
existing at differing degrees of Importance in the scheme of things..

And despite the fact that humans have seemingly separated themselves from Truth with their "superior intellects"..
And many animals, especially "domesticated" ones
have also learned to be disconnected..
The actual truth is that it's only their consciousness that's disconnected....

The Truth is that we are all One Big Thing.

And this is God,

Not some Super Hero Dude that likes to immaculately fornicate with humans so that his son can be a primary cause of a large percentage of human distress throughout the ages.
We Are One

The human is no more ... sacred than the "beast"
And the "Beast" is no more sacred than the Plants.

It is this misunderstanding that there is a Hierarchy of Humans...
and a hierarchy of all living things..

that has been at the roots of so much Suffering...
and so much destruction.
The White Man believed he was superior to the Red Man, 
and the Black Man
and the Muslim .
So many rich people believe they are superior to poor people...
Some look down on other religions
 as if they are somehow ,
"less in God's eyes." 
So MURDERING them was and is no big deal.

Man believed he was "above" the Plants and animals, and soil, and earth...

so used these  without Respect
 to support his greed, and lust, and desire.

While destroying them in the process. 
Vegetarians and Vegans believe that animals
 are more sacred than plants,
and so harm their bodies and their future generations by denying themselves the diet humans were built for,
 based upon this incorrect assumption.
And yet they will consume the Plants simply because their awareness is unable to hear the plants screams. 
Poor people believe they are less than rich people...
Fat people somehow beneath skinny people. 

If people could understand the Truth
  there would be no "Inferiority complexes"
no "Superiority complexes".
Religions would stop using the Myth
 of some separate greater entity,
to keep people down.
But rather would teach people to see the "God"
that they are an equally integral part of.
God didn't create humans any more than the humans create God.
I'll use the analogy of a mighty Oak
 to illustrate this Truth about "God". 
The mighty oak is not one huge separate thing...
it's a gazillion cells that combine in harmony
to make that one huge thing..
So, is the little acorn that divides to become the tree, God?
Is the first sprout that emerges from that acorn God
or "the Son of God? 
Or is God the Tree?
Or is God Everything that makes that tree? 

There is no Hierarchy of Life.

We are all equally sacred.

Humans have imposed their intellects...and emotions upon everything that they perceive.

They know nothing but their thoughts and emotions..
which are quite distinctly separate from what actually is,
divorced from those thoughts and emotions.
The intellect and emotions,
those things that man believes makes him superior to Nature..
to what really is...

are what actually disconnect him.
It really is time to stop listening to these things..

Time to quiet them down..

Then we can KNOW the truth
not just have some emotion tinged idea about it
or blind acceptance of some lame story
 others for reasons of their own,
 wish us to believe.

And the Truth is,

We are One Thing.

All Equally Sacred.






  1. thank you for this - so simple so true. your beautiful family is such a simple true inspiration!!! we all keep searching for some huge genius reason - but i think you all have realized - its just that simple.

  2. Blogger isn't notifying me of comments, gotta talk to Taryn and see how to fix that... Thank you.