Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bracken...Precious Little Boy


I see so much of myself in Bracken..

I love him so much.

There is nothing that makes my heart shine so much as when he falls asleep on me.

He's a pretty hyper child:
Hyper because EVERYTHING interests him
And there is just so much to find out..
to discover.
And he wants it all Now.
So, like me he never rests..
till he drops.

But ever since he was born I have taken
walks with him....
And we are very quiet within ourselves.
I call it our meditation time.
And it's so sacred..
And both of us crave it..
So at home when he rides on my back 
while I go about chores,
or just walking around.
It seems it's about the only time..
when he isn't breast feeding...
or asleep
that he quiets down.

And at Market..
all the people...
and all the Vibes...
Bracken is Wide open
he doesn't miss a thing...

But sometimes wishes he had...

So I see how incredibly sensitive he is....

For him to be truly comfortable...

People Gotta Be Real.. 

I adore our Little Boy

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